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  1. Hi. I am just starting a collection, any chance of the details of what you are selling as I may be interested in making you an offer for them Cheers Malcolm
  2. Hi Art1.2 The ones that are standing out to me at the moment are the commemorative coins, my thinking is i can explain the historical significance to my boy when he grows up and asks about them. also thinking of setting myself the rather large target of getting one of each coin for each year, as far back as i can go, as researching what to look for will be as much fun for me as getting the coins, although i can already feel the need to enhance my fledgling collection with American dollars for some reason. I have already started finding out where the bring and buy and car boot sales are run in my area and am going to be trying to find some coins that maybe the sellers do not know what they have, (me and pretty much everyone else i think) but if you don't look you don't get. Also making to my first visit to the Edinburgh Coin Shop tomorrow as hoping to get some really good literature to help me define where i should take my collection. Cheers Malcolm
  3. Hi I am just starting out with my collection of British Coins, Any suggestions of what is best too look out for? I am going to try and get proof sets for as many years as i can but would also like to try and improve my collections by trying to trace a few gems but am struggling to find out that much info so far. any help would be very much appreciated Cheers Malcolm
  4. Hi all, thanks for the posts, have received my first three coins and am delighted with them. Think the obsession is starting. Also tempted to get the Royal Mints olympic issues, but one step at a time i think. Looking forward to learning about coin collecting and meeting some interesting folks. Cheers Malcolm
  5. Hi everyone, my name is Malcolm and i am about to start collecting coins, going to start with British Coins and thinking of starting with the Royal Mint Proof year sets as was given one as a present and they look great. Are the ones available on Ebay reliable or are they best left alone? Glad to be a part of a community that i can learn a lot from. Cheers
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