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    error dime

    well this is as good as i can get with my old webcam of the error area on this 1946s US PCGS MS63 silver dime, no idea what kind of error but i'm 95% sure it's a error of some sort
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    Hello from Mississippi.

    welcome to coinpeople
  3. nothing wrong with that my friend just saying
  4. common pennies nothing very special or unusual about them
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    thanks i hope to have good luck on this auction we have a bid of $5.75 on this nice auction anymore bidsâť“
  8. letting everyone know that i have my 7 day auction #6 running in the auction forum thanks corina
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    2euro coin 2017 rheinland Pfalz double stars

    looking error coin you have there
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    Hello again

    welcome back
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    Error 1 Piso 1989

    very cool
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    Sachsen 2 euro coin 2016 error

  13. Corina

    1923 SIlver US Peace dollar

    well this coin is graded MS63 and it's a nice coin but one thing that got my notice was this what i think is a die crack along the neck the coin in hand the supposed die crack area
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    1923 SIlver US Peace dollar

    thanks but still not too sure if it's a VAM or just a bad die
  15. Corina

    1923 SIlver US Peace dollar

    yes that is where the supposed die crack is at, but it runs though the neck and over the 923 in the date but only maybe a inch from the top of the 1
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    2000 D penny error or ?

    Post mint damage coin is what that is
  17. Corina

    1906 Indian Head Penny

    sweet looking coin
  18. Corina

    The 3.8 Gram 1982 Lincoln Cent

    agreed take it to a coin shop or send it in to a grading company and have them look at it
  19. Corina

    Crazy Messed Up Dime

    send it to a coin grading company and let them look at it or take it to a coin shop and see what they think that is my best advice
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    Crazy Messed Up Dime

    the photos are not that good so it's hard to tell what you are talking about
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    Ok we have a bid of $10 on this nice auction anymore bids on this nice auction
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    found in change today

    well found this 1962d silver US dime in change the coin seems to be in VG condition and has seen some use overall not a bad find
  24. Corina

    Error dime

    not a bad error coin but if one is after major bucks then be ready to shell out major cash for those types of errors