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  1. 4 more days before this auction ends get those bids in now before this nice auction closes
  2. ok we have a bid of $5.00 on this nice auction anymore bidsâť“
  3. no idea but i have seen different types of bullion from the Perth mint with animals on them
  4. Ok we have a bid of $1.00 on this auction anymore bids?
  5. Opening Bid:$0.01 BIN:$ 37.00 FREE SHIPPING 1972-S PCGS PR9DCAM silver Ike dollar ND Brazil 1000 Cruzeiro Banknote ND Cambodia 500 Riels Banknote ND Cambodia 1000 Riels Banknote ND Iraq 5 Dinar Banknote ND Brazil 1 Cruzeiro Banknote 1987 Peru 10 Intis Banknote 1905 US Liberty nickel 1952d US Wheat Penny 1944 French 5 franc banknote 1957 Iceland 10 Kronur Banknote 1938 Netherland 1 Gulden banknote 1951 Bulgaria 50 Leve Banknote PIC OF THE 1905 US LIBERTY NICKEL
  6. well two things could be a grease filled die or worn badly either way not much in value
  7. doubt it i used to have one like that something to do with the minting process
  8. no clue on that just looked like a very interesting coin so i got it
  9. just got this today a very nice coin frosted on both sides and it's the year of the horse issue kind of hard to pick up with a old webcam but i did my best 1 oz of silver is what this coin is made of
  10. best advice take it to a coin shop have them look it over or send it in to a grading company and let them look at it
  11. the pic is not showing up
  12. Corina


  13. old coins in change are getting hard to find nowadays so when i do find one it makes all the effort of looking though change worth it
  14. well looking though change my wife gave me i found this well used 1940d US nickel, not a bad find as i have not found a old coin in change in awhile
  15. can't really tell by the photo but it looks to be a common copper penny the weight is correct for that type of penny
  16. the photo is blurry so trying to ID the coin is hard need a clear and up close photo of the coin to make an ID
  17. Just letting people know of my new Auction Format It will be called Corina auction Lot Still will have great Items at Low BINS and Free shipping on all items sold The Silver Panda Auction will keep going As is (the coin is comming back) So Check my New Auctions out and If Interested Bid and thanks for looking
  18. Corina


    2015 china silver 10 yuan panda is just seen as bullion to investors size-40mm (1.57 inches) has 31.1035 g of silver in them are these coin used as currency? no they are not legal tender just made for collectors and investors only and oh we have a bid of $4.00 on this nice auction anymore bids?
  19. Corina


    since the 4th of july is comming up i ended this early
  20. Johnv6791 sounds to me either struck though grease type of coin or Post mint damage
  21. hello and welcome
  22. sold on another site
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