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  1. this PCGS graded coin is for sale (links to info on the coin and prices are below) 1943 US War nickel PCGS MS66 ($17.00) https://www.pcgs.com/coinfacts/coin/1943-d-5c/4020 look for the #4020 to find the value (https://www.pcgs.com/prices/priceguidedetail.aspx?ms=1&pr=1&sp=1&c=84&title=jefferson+nickel) S&H $1.15 (unless price is over $25 then it's free) I take money orders, cash and checks PM if interested Pics taken with a C525 Webcam
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  3. thanks this is the first ike i have in my collection also
  4. yeah the coin got my eye so now it's in my collection
  5. Corina


    ok this auction ends the 15th on this nice group of coins still no bids on this fine auction also
  6. this 1971s PCGS PR69DCAM Silver Ike dollar is a real nice looking coin, but very hard to get a good shot with a old webcam
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    No Bids
  8. little advice invest in a webcam they are much better then cell phone cams and can get close up pics easy i use a old webcam for my coin pics and a photo editor for my coin pics
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  10. hard to tell pic is blurry try and get a better shot of the area
  11. how does one learn if they don't ask questions? you can't learn without asking questions, so my comment is ask away
  12. IMHO send it to a grading company to get looked over that way you know if it's a fake or not
  13. Corina

    change find

    thanks love finding old coins in change this makes the third one this year
  14. Corina

    change find

    found this 1942d US Nickel in change yesterday the coin ahs seen some use but overall a good coin
  15. well bought this a few days ago and it's a PCGS SP69 2007w Burnished US silver eagle the coin looks nice and i like it photos taken with a C525 webcam
  16. toned and formed black spots in the holder most likely after grading as for selling them just tell about the toning and the black spots that way no issue arise
  17. toning doesn't add or take away value for a collector and the black spots are a common issue with those type of coins
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    ok we have a bid of $10.00 on this nice auction anymore bids This auction ends in one day so get those bids in today
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