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  1. NOTICE: OVERSEA BUYERS I CAN ONLY SHIP WHAT THE US AND YOUR COUNTRY LAWS ALLOW AND ALSO WHERE THE USPS WILL SHIP TO (VIRUS ISSUE) ---------------------------------------- Asking Price $12.99 Or Best Offer FREE SHIPPING WITH TRACKING I take money orders, cash and checks as payments PM If Interested ----------------------------------------------------------------- pic taken with a old webcam
  2. Corina

    1946 s nickel

    no the silver nickel stopped in 1945 but there are fake nickels out there so this could be one of many
  3. a pic would help in seeing this coin
  4. thanks art well i just took a shot at letting the company that i buy coins from pick the coin and well didn't do badly
  5. Corina

    1991 BIE error ?

    would need a close up of the area you are speaking about
  6. bought this some time ago and just got it in the mail, not a bad looking coin
  7. best idea for this coin is to send it in to a grading company or have a coin expert look at it,
  8. well this was given to me by my niece as a gift as she knew i collected coins and gave me this, the coin has seen some use and looks to be in fine condition
  9. this note is one i got back in 1996 while in the Philippines on personal biz, i was surprised to get this in change over there so i kept it, the note has seen usage but a reminder of my trip to Asia that i made when i was 21 and also a reminder of how much that trip changed my life for the better
  10. looks to be post mint damage not a error
  11. Corina

    1953 10 yuan

    best advice is to send it into a grading company and let them look at it that way you have a expert opinion on if it's real and the value, then you can go from there
  12. the date of the banknotes would be found on the front but some banknotes don't have dates on them they are called no date notes, i can't tell if those notes you got have a date or not on them so my advice is buy a book on world banknotes and that way you will have info on the notes you have, dates, prices and such very useful tool for a collector to have
  13. depends on the dates for one, but IMHO those maybe worth between 50 cents to maybe $1.50 if you are lucky
  14. no clue but it's interesting looks asian maybe china, what looks to be dragons or something like that on one side, the other side no clue
  15. collect whatever gets my notice set aside notes and coins that will go into my auctions look though change and such
  16. we would need a pic of the coin first to see what you are talking about
  17. not really kind of dark and blurry makes details very hard to see
  18. my best advice is to either show it to a coin expert or send it into a grading company for them to look at then go from there
  19. Corina


    check your PM as i sent you the price and such
  20. found this site called Executive coin company i do have a account with them and a few coins weren't good but they took them back and refunded my money here is the link https://www.executivecoin.com/
  21. moved to auction section
  22. high doubt it is as those are very well known to be faked but just in case take it to a coin shop or send it into a grading company for them to look over
  23. Corina


    check your PM
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