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  1. 4 more days before this auction ends get those bids in now before this nice auction closes
  2. ok we have a bid of $5.00 on this nice auction anymore bidsâť“
  3. no idea but i have seen different types of bullion from the Perth mint with animals on them
  4. Ok we have a bid of $1.00 on this auction anymore bids?
  5. Opening Bid:$0.01 BIN:$ 37.00 FREE SHIPPING 1972-S PCGS PR9DCAM silver Ike dollar ND Brazil 1000 Cruzeiro Banknote ND Cambodia 500 Riels Banknote ND Cambodia 1000 Riels Banknote ND Iraq 5 Dinar Banknote ND Brazil 1 Cruzeiro Banknote 1987 Peru 10 Intis Banknote 1905 US Liberty nickel 1952d US Wheat Penny 1944 French 5 franc banknote 1957 Iceland 10 Kronur Banknote 1938 Netherland 1 Gulden banknote 1951 Bulgaria 50 Leve Banknote PIC OF THE 1905 US LIBERTY NICKEL
  6. well two things could be a grease filled die or worn badly either way not much in value
  7. doubt it i used to have one like that something to do with the minting process
  8. no clue on that just looked like a very interesting coin so i got it
  9. just got this today a very nice coin frosted on both sides and it's the year of the horse issue kind of hard to pick up with a old webcam but i did my best 1 oz of silver is what this coin is made of
  10. best advice take it to a coin shop have them look it over or send it in to a grading company and let them look at it
  11. the pic is not showing up
  12. Corina


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