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  1. sold on another site
  2. suggest you take that to a coin expert and have them look it over could be something or nothing
  3. looks to me to be a religious medallion of some kind can't see any detail clear just a figure with what seems to be a halo around the head
  4. Corina


    one more day before this auction closes so get those bids in before this nice auction closes Monday at noon
  5. yes it's active but getting replies takes awhile as many members are busy with their lifes so just wait and you will get one
  6. this is a 2019 first strike china Silver 10 yuan panda issue graded PCGS MS69
  7. ok PM one of the mods and they will help cause i'm stumped
  8. did you try the little paperclip icon where it says drag files or choose files which is at the bottom of the page
  9. welcome to coinpeople and a photo would be helpful
  10. another clean up is needed in both areas badly
  11. Corina


    ok we have a bid of $4.99 on this auction anymore bids?
  12. many people are a bit uneasy with raw banknotes as they can be faked easy but getting them graded tends to lower the risk and get more interest from people if a well known grading company did the grading then the interest is very good and you may even get a high resale value
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