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  1. Corina

    MS70 silver eagles toning and spots

    toned and formed black spots in the holder most likely after grading as for selling them just tell about the toning and the black spots that way no issue arise
  2. Corina

    New member

    welcome to coinpeople
  3. Corina

    MS70 silver eagles toning and spots

    toning doesn't add or take away value for a collector and the black spots are a common issue with those type of coins
  4. Corina


    ok we have a bid of $10.00 on this nice auction anymore bids This auction ends in one day so get those bids in today
  5. Corina


    auction is still going on till the 18th so get those bids in
  6. Corina


    thanks i hope so too
  7. Corina


  8. Corina

    Where can you check a seller feedback on ma-shops?

    we have feedback but it's rarely used it can be found in the advertising forums
  9. yeah looks like a grease filled die error have a few myself
  10. Corina

    wheat penny heavily distorted

    could be PMD but without a photo hard to say
  11. Corina


  12. Corina

    2007 South Korea 1000 won

    this is a note my wife gave me from her trip overseas, the note has seen use but over all a nice note
  13. Corina


    no interest
  14. Corina

    2008 South Korea 100 won

    well got this from my wife's left over trip change, it's seen medium use but overall not too bad looking of a coin pics taken with a c525 webcam
  15. well bought this a few days ago, now odd thing is the coin looks to have a lamination issue on the heads side, also has some toning on the tails side, overall a interesting coin to own pics taken with my old webcam close-up of the error area