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  1. Just letting people know of my new Auction Format It will be called Corina auction Lot Still will have great Items at Low BINS and Free shipping on all items sold The Silver Panda Auction will keep going As is (the coin is comming back) So Check my New Auctions out and If Interested Bid and thanks for looking
  2. 2015 china silver 10 yuan panda is just seen as bullion to investors size-40mm (1.57 inches) has 31.1035 g of silver in them are these coin used as currency? no they are not legal tender just made for collectors and investors only and oh we have a bid of $4.00 on this nice auction anymore bids?
  3. Ok opening bid:$0.80 BIN: $40.00 SHIPPING IS FREE
  4. Johnv6791 sounds to me either struck though grease type of coin or Post mint damage
  5. hello and welcome
  6. sold on another site
  7. first MS70 coin for my collection i have, the coin looks nice and caught my notice so i had to have it
  8. well this is a 2015 PCGS MS70 China Silver 10 yuan Panda i bought two days ago https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipO6Ukzr5ODgNzY6U0WSGm1nfKH4as8ckmG1NqZK24BmAVSa5beY4Gz6KIo90GU2xQ?key=SXBvSGZPbEZvQnItVnJIa1REakYxOWwwRzBaUG53
  9. Corina


  10. have a coin expert look that coin over to see if it could be a error
  11. this penny is very common and is not rare
  12. well i bought this a few days ago and got my notice and now is in my collection
  13. Corina


    Ok we have a bid of $13.72 on this nice auction anymore bids❓
  14. Corina


    ok we have a bid of $5.00 on this nice auction anymore bids❓
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