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  1. I'd send it into a grading company or have a coin expert look at it in person and they could tell you what is it cause two things pop into mind post mint damage or mint error and to figure out which one it really is a coin expert will need to see the coin
  2. just letting people know that my World Banknote and coin auction is going on till 4/28/19 so take a look in the auction forum and if interested bid thanks Corina
  3. OK THIS AUCTION IS FOR 4 UNGRADED WORLD BANKNOTES AND A UNGRADED US COIN Opening bid: $0.50 BIN: $ 9.50 FREE SHIPPING 1956d US wheat Penny 1916 Austria 1 Korona (banknote) 2010 India 5 Rupees (banknote) 2005 Mongolia 10 Tugrik (Banknote) 1997 Uzbekistan 200 sum (banknote) I take Cash and checks Photos taken with a webcam Photo of the 2017 India 5 Rupees
  4. Corina


    could be lead or some sort of alloy, also depends on when the coin was made
  5. my advice is to send it into a grading company and see what they say
  6. the sales and auction sections need a bit of cleanup whenever you all can
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    sold on another site
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    no interest

    no interest
  10. sorry i couldn't tell by your photos what it was take it to a coin expert and have them look it over maybe they can explain how that happened
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