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  1. NOTICE:OVERSEAS BUYERS I CAN ONLY SHIP WHAT THE US LAWS AND YOUR COUNTRY LAWS ALLOW\ Opening bid:$0.50 BIN: $25.99 FREE SHIPPING 1943-D PCGS MS65FB US Silver Dime 1929 US Silver dime 1934 US Buffalo nickel Pics of the 1943-D PCGS MS65FB US silver dime
  2. it's called a Post Mint Damaged coin worth 25 cents someone took off the outer layer i have seen many of these types of coins in change
  3. i use PhotoScape which doesn't have issues with paper money or coins
  4. what you have is what is called a Post mint damaged coin which means someone after the coin was minted pressed the R into the coin worth 25 cents
  5. Corina


    these coins are still up for sale
  6. Corina


  7. Corina


  8. bought this 2017-P PCGS MS69 Australia Silver dollar ( Koala series) some time ago and it arrived yesterday in the mail not a bad coin yes i know it's bullion but still nice looking never the less
  9. seems like the die wasn't lined up correctly with the blank and when minted it came out as that interesting error you have there i gather a minor error but i could be wrong
  10. Corina


  11. my advice is take it to a coin shop or send it into a grading company for them to look over and tell you what you may or may not have, that way you will have a expert opinion on what you got then go from there
  12. moved to auction section
  13. try e-bay or sell them here or on another site called collectors universe
  14. well my advice is to have a coin expert look it over could be nothing or could be something
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