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  1. 10 cents and the coin itself looks to be post mint damaged coin means someone messed with the coin after it left the mint not a error coin
  2. welcome to coinpeople this forum is slow as many have gone onto other things but whatever question you have will be answered by someone
  3. i'd keep it cause those are hard to find and BTW nice find
  4. Corina


  5. well the coin caught my eye and it is now in my collection
  6. this 1906-O Barber dime is the newest add on to my collection bought it Dec 19/2019 and just got it today the coin doesn't come out really good with my old webcam so i have taken close ups
  7. Post mint damage most likely from a coin slot or something
  8. my best advice is show it to a coin shop or send it in to a grading company and see what they tell you
  9. i hope everyone's new year was good and that 2020 is bringing you all good luck in all you do
  10. my advice is take it to a coin shop or a coin expert and have them look at it as the photos really don't show what you are taking about
  11. Corina

    1930 d wheat penny

    well i'm doubting it's a error coin but without a photo it's hard to say
  12. something called post mint damage which means this was done after the coin left the mint it's not worth anything
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