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  1. NOTICE:OVERSEAS BIDDERS I CAN ONLY SHIP WHAT THE US AND YOUR COUNTRY ALLOW ,ALSO WHERE THE USPS DELIVERS (VIRUS ISSUE) ALL COINS AND BANKNOTES ARE UNGRADED Opening bid: $0.01 BIN:$7.00 FREE SHIPPING ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1952 Paraguay 1 Guarni banknote 1998 Philippine 5 Piso coin 1978 German 10 Pfennig coin 1998 Hong Kong 1 Dollar coin 2006 Philippine Bi-metallic 10 piso coin 1945 Thailand 20 satang coin Pic of the 1952 Paraguay 1 Guarni banknote
  2. Corina

    Slabbed Vs. Raw

    depends on the demand of coin market and what collectors want and like
  3. just make sure it's free of harmful chemicals that can harm the coins, cause you never know what those are made from
  4. Corina


    no bids😩
  5. this is a 1884-O Morgan US Silver dollar PCGS graded MS63
  6. yes that is the site you need to sign up but it's worth it as there is a lot of useful info here is a link to the site https://forums.collectors.com/
  7. well there is one that i'm a member of called collectors universe there are many on there that can help you the forum has coin dealers, collectors and other experts they can help you
  8. best advice is go out and get books on errors that will be a start
  9. Corina


    ok we have a bid of $1.75 on this nice auction anymore bids❓
  10. Corina


    Sold On another site
  11. only clean the coin if needed, yeah some people do dip the coin but unlucky for them over time the coin will turn and no matter how careful one is there is always leftover chemical film that will turn the coin, i have seen dipped coins that have become ugly over time to dip a coin to save it yeah i'm for that, but to enhance the coin and later have the coin turn not for that
  12. Corina


  13. this is a neat die crack error that hits the U
  14. or buy one already graded by a grading company that way you have a coin that was looked over by experts and given a expert opinion
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