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  1. Hi I 'm new here

    welcome to coinpeople
  2. Coin and banknote auction #4

    three days till this auction ends so get those bids in before this auction is over
  3. 1946 nickel error

    Sorry not a error but post mint damage
  4. I'm new, Hi!

    Well books on how to grade coins will help a lot
  5. Latest Banknote purchases.

    this is a 1988 north korea 50 won that has been holed at the bottom came with a lot of notes i bought online not bad
  6. Opening bid $0.50 BIN: $5.15 (shipping included) 1990 Yugoslavia 1000 Dinara banknote 1988 Mexican 1000 peso coin 1996 Jamaica 25 cent coin 1980 China 1 Jiao banknote 1981 Italy 200 Lire coin 1964 Indonesia 10 sen Banknote 1988 Viet nam 1000 dong banknote Pic of the 1964 Indonesia 10 sen banknote
  7. ended

    thanks art and the current bid is $2.99 on this nice auction anymore bids
  8. ended

  9. ENDED

    one more day before this auction closes get those bids in before this nice auction closes
  10. ENDED

    ok we have a bid of $1.99 on this nice auction anymore bids
  11. ENDED

  12. DELETE

  13. Is ths a 1971D DDR with die crack

    what is the date of the coin that will help in telling if it is silver and it looks like a die crack or a gouge
  14. New member just saying hi

    welcome to coin people
  15. DELETE