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  1. Sorry, I can't see the pics. I would guess it is a Philadelphia Mint Coin. The proof issues in 1962 were struck at Philadelphia and carried no mint mark, as is true of the Philadelphia circulation strikes. 1962 Roosevelts proof coins carry only a small premium over an unc coin and the quantities where huge.
  2. There are medals catalogs available. Some on the internet. I've never really done much research in that area. Sorry I can't be more help. I don't recognize them as anything from the US Mint.
  3. Sorry. I wouldn't guess either way based on the pictures. An added "S" can be extremely difficult to detect. High magnification might help but I'm not sure on that one.
  4. These are medals. I'm not familiar with them but they do appear to have been struck to proof standards. Very nice.
  5. I saw the nice grouping of coins that you posted in the Gallery. Very nice. I must say that coin collecting has proven to be one of the most pleasant pastimes I have encountered. Thanks for the nice photos.
  6. Done a few times since Sept. Thanks for the patience.
  7. It is harder and harder to keep them away and Mods are off doing other things a lot these days. On my part - sorry for inactivity but it will probably remain that way.
  8. Very nice. We often collected bottles from construction sites when I was young
  9. Horrible! I hope the piece hasn't been destroyed
  10. I do. A 1953 MS66fb. Beautiful colors and probably the most solid non-proof strike in my collection
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