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  1. I used to really enjoy the dealers junk boxes. Cheap and lots of neat stuff.
  2. No shows for me. Didn't even make the local show the last few years. šŸ˜«šŸ˜«
  3. I haven't even seen a coinstar machine in a year or more.
  4. Nice tripods are not very expensive and will save you a lot of work and headaches. It needs to be sturdy but not backpackable and so the older metal models will keep the cost way down.
  5. Ike proofs, esp the clad coins are not really worrh very much so putting them in an album should not really be an issue for many collectors. I believe Dansco makes an Eisenhower Dollar album thtpat has spaces for the clad and silver proof coins.
  6. Iā€™d guess around 35-50 cents depending on where you sold it.
  7. I think the good old days of coin collecting are past - for now. Even the local club and shows and such are not really even close to the way they used to be. Small crowds. Dealers only looking for elite buyers, etc.
  8. Art1.2


    Oooh! Shiney...
  9. Art1.2


    Beautiful coins Colin. And a nice auction. I will start the bidding. $5.16
  10. I have a few that I've gotten in change this year. BUT I spend money so infrequently now. I used to pay cash for everything but switched to one of those cash back credit cards. The rewards don't amount to a lot but I started using it for some big purchases where it was beneficial and got into the habit. Now I'm using it most of the time. Get like 1 or 2 or 3 percent back plus like 3 cents per gal on gas. No big deal but you have to pay with something. I do have a few "store" cards that refund like 5 percent or at certain times 10 percent. I don't buy anything that I wasnt going to buy anyway and I never let the balance sit. On my "books" it's the same as cash but there's never any change to search.
  11. Beautiful and a wonderful price. The coin is worth far more that that, imho.
  12. I started a collection of commemoratives several times but never followed through on it. Many are available in decent condition at a reasonable price and I do like the designs of most. Not sure why I never collected them. I have three or four different in my type sets.
  13. Art1.2


    Beautiful coin. 10.00
  14. I like the idea of getting a percentage or two or three back on each purchase but one has to be careful to never let a balance accumulate, never be late, and never ever use the card where there is a premium for such usage, like gas purchases. It's often between 5 and 12 cents a gallon extra here. WOW!
  15. Interestingly, I recently started to use a credit card for a number of things that I would normally have used cash to purchase. I have for years tried to use cash whenever possible. BUT I could have taken a slightly higher deduction on my Federal Taxes if I had had receipts. So by credit carding the payments for co-pays and the like, I end up with a searchable journal of payments. No fees or interest on the card and I get cash back on all purchases. Plus after I have charged $500 (within the first 3 months), I get $150 from the bank. Why not, I say. Of course, I transfer the payment to them as soon as I have used the card, so there will never be a balance.
  16. I've never seen a KMart token before. Very nice!
  17. What a great piece to add to your collection.
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