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  1. I really prefer the look of coins in the NGC slabs even though the majority of my coins are PCGS slabbed. This came about mostly because NGC allows me to enter PCGS or NGC or NCS coins in my Registry Sets.
  2. How's about posting some of your Buffalo Nickels here.
  3. I have never had any luck in searching dimes or quarters. Not a single silver hit. Halfs are good to me. Nickels never produced much -- I do intent to try them again. Maybe I'll get a bunch tomorrow.
  4. That's a great looking coin Steve. I'm surprised it didn't make it very far in PCI too. PCI is very very funny. Things you're sure will make it a long way get knocked out early and vice versa.
  5. I had some "Reveal" bulbs that were pretty good for photography in that they were close to daylight temps. Never found them to be much different than the others I used in that all still need some white balance adjustment. Of course with film you could do filtering but man that's quite a hassle.
  6. Here's a nice full-stop Jefferson from my collection. It's hard to tell much from this picture. I'll load a larger higher res image to flickr later today.
  7. More nice coins Mark. I really enjoy circulated Walking Liberties. It's one of those designs that shows better with some wear. (IMHO of course).
  8. Nice coins and pics Mark. I love the way good photographs of UC Proofs provide such wonderful contrast between the fields and devices.
  9. This is an interesting BEP Souvenir Card that I recently purchased. Issued in 1980 to commemorate the BEP Visitor Center, the card clearly shows the progression of offset and intaglio printing to produce the beautiful Freedom Eagle in Flight image. The cards a terrific for anyone who is into banknotes or special documents, many of which are intaglio printed. B049 1980 BEP Visitor Center - Stage Intaglio Printing by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr
  10. Check here: Omnicoin Number of Coins Link. Now: 101442 so that leaves 558 to go. I could add a few but not that many -- at least not now.
  11. I've added a few recently and have a few more to add. Just need the time.
  12. Twilight Zone .......
  13. I'd like to take a trip through your old storage. WOW! My collection would be very happy with those.
  14. I'm still wondering if it was an accidental break or a die "cancellation" and then the die was reused. The line is very straight across the face for it to be accidental. There's nothing the spans the die in the area that would seem to cause an undue weakness in one part vs another.
  15. Nice 2065 Jefferson Alan. You're a bit ahead of your time.
  16. That's strange. I guess if you make enough of them it could be profitable but...where would you get rid of the quantity that would make you a profit, especially back in the 70's.
  17. Both very nice buys. Must be a good coin shop that you visit.
  18. Nice article Alan. I have to agree that "SAMPLE" or not is in the eye of the purchaser. The luncheon type slabs have become quite hard to find and are getting more expensive monthly, that tells me that there are more and more collectors of slabs. I have a friend who has two of the State Quarter slabs from the luncheon. He got the first at the luncheon and the second for $5.00 from a friend who had been at the same luncheon and had not interest in this "specialty slab". Times change many things. Keep enjoying your collecting and have fun writing your articles. (PS. I'm supposed to attend two luncheons at FUN this coming January and both would typically produce "luncheon" slabs. I'll let you know what happens.
  19. I find the upper left image the most appealing. It's amazing the difference lighting makes in a subject so simple as a coin.
  20. Gotta love a PR69DCAM Jefferson. Dang they're attractive coins.
  21. Thank you. I have a nice slot in my Dansco just waiting for it.
  22. I think steelies are particularly difficult to grade. There have been so many resurfacing and replating projects that it can be quite difficult to tell at first glance. High quality circulated coins can easily be made to appear to be MS.
  23. 1943 Steelie -- one of my favorite Lincoln Cents
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