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    I’m not really familiar with these coins. Are they basically silver bullion? Size of silver dollar? Half dollar? Are they used as currency? Opening bid: $4.00
  2. Very nice. A beautiful coin and great addition to your collection.
  3. Nice to add these. I’m sure we have some who have these notes in their collections.
  4. No time like the present. Welcome!
  5. So true. Materials and finishes at every step of the process need to be carefully controlled. Then after that we have the environment. Humidity, temperature, sunlight, etc. For example the “coin cabinets” employed in the 19th and 20th Century often resulted in pieces being toned but also scratched from friction. Even safeguarding pieces in a Bank vault is fraught with problems. OH MY! What to do!
  6. Great looking coin! Enjoy it!
  7. It seems to me that as the general interest in collecting wanes, the need grows for the ability to produce custom displays like the wonder albums we see here. Of course and advantage would be that the coins could be safely stored in inert materials and safe locations while being beautifully displayed in a number of “collector” arrangements.
  8. Good looking pennies. There has always been something special, to me, about Indian Head Cents. I can still recall, though rarely, getting one in change. Things like Mercury Dimes, Buffalo Nickels, Standing Liberty Quarters and yes, even, half dollars fell into that catagory.
  9. Since you didn’t have them before you began this job, just leave them stacked somewhere and go through a handful at a time over many months. Perhaps you’ll gain interest that way and become a collector.
  10. Art1.2


    OH! I know that I’m going to bid on this. So I might as well get rolling. OPENING BID: $12.75.
  11. Art1.2


    Proof Ikes can be beautiful coins. This one looks to fit that grouping. I especially enjoy the reverse on these big hunks of metal. I wish you the very best with your auction Colin.
  12. Syl, That’s a beautiful coin and a marvelous set you’ve put together. Congrats. I’m glad that you have enjoyed the process.
  13. Damaged - might have been done purposely - not uncommon. Also happens when one side is exposed to harsh conditions like sitting in a parking lot and being repeatedly run over.
  14. Don’t find much silver floating around these days. Great find.
  15. Hi Reggie, It’s me again. First - you cannot post anything for sale or trade until you have been a member for 30 or more days AND have 25 or more posts. Please understand this is for the protection and convenience of the members. Lots of scammers and spammers out there. I will try to detail the instructions for you later in the day. I haven’t done it in a long time and do not wish to leave anything out or give incorrect information.
  16. Art1.2


    It is a good looking coin! Enjoy it.
  17. If you like the tokens and why would you bother purchasing them if you don’t, then get the safe flips. The others deteriorate and make a horrible mess destroying whatever is stored in them.
  18. I don’t even know where the machines are located anymore. My in store shopping is very limited and I don’t use cash or wander around very much. AH! Online shopping! I love it!
  19. Art1.2

    change find

    Nice find Colin.
  20. Nice. Thanks for sharing. I sometimes forget that back in those days the other parts of the world were humming along with their own political, religious, and social issues. I like the coins and the history is very interesting.
  21. Art1.2


    That’s a beautfy. Enjoy it.
  22. Art1.2


    I will bid $10.00 US....Now no righteous coin group would allow me to win such a fine coin at that bargain price. Bidders! Bidders!
  23. Nice medal. I have a nice collection of the ANA medals and many had names still attached when I acquired them. No one famous. I removed the name tags before photographing them for the sake of privacy. The medals are beautifully done. I always enjoyed them. In fact, I am wondering now what I should do with them. I’d hate to see them destroyed or trashed. Some, I’m sure would be melted for the metal content. Now you have me thinking about this.
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