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  1. Your link doesn’t work. But in general, I would say that if you are asking this question the answer is always “NO”. We really have no one here who gives buy/sell advice.
  2. Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. Things here are very slow and most of the participants have moved on to other things. Those who are left will attempt to answer your questions. Please be patient.
  3. I know that it is very discouraging and I think that unfortunately there is not solution to most of the problems you mentioned.
  4. Art1.2


    Nice little grouping of coins Colin and they’re priced - WOW!. If I had anything at all to do with them, I’d be a buyer. BUT in kindness I’ll leave them for someone else.
  5. Never used it. I have used esnipe a time or two with good results.
  6. Never owned one of those. In fact, never really owned any of the gold dollar sized coins.
  7. The questionable past could make for an even more interesting collection. Maybe start with, in your opinion, the most notorious.
  8. In general no. But the actual circumstances of things caused some to be placed into circulation by the banks/companies that ended up holding them after sales at the planned activities failed for whatever reason. I would imagine that the “circulation” was very limited. I have gotten Stone Mountain Commems that were obviously well circulated.
  9. I used to have quite a fascination with Commemoratives. Such beautiful coins and usually such a sordid history to go with it. Had several books about them. One that just had the coins and a brief about each one. Beautiful pictures. And another that was like the Commemorative Tell-all book. Such scandals.
  10. Many people would have not idea what to do with such items and if they have no use for them, they are in fact, to them, trash. What a terrible fate for such beautiful items.
  11. I love these coins and would gladly be a purchaser, but I am going in the opposite direction with my coins. I am quickly divesting myself of my entire collection. In fact I have some wonderful books that I must decide what to do with. These are all newish and expensive books that I have enjoyed and was often glad that I had. Used them for reference often. Now to find good homes for them. Not my highest priority task for sure but important.
  12. My that is beautiful. I love the Rand on these coins. Used to have a few Krugerands back in my earlier life.
  13. Art1.2


    I’m not really familiar with these coins. Are they basically silver bullion? Size of silver dollar? Half dollar? Are they used as currency? Opening bid: $4.00
  14. Art1.2


    Very nice. A beautiful coin and great addition to your collection.
  15. Nice to add these. I’m sure we have some who have these notes in their collections.
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