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    Current project: Distributing my coin collection, slowly, to my Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. I have a lot of coins but a fair number of grands and greatgrands too!

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  1. Art1.2


    I will bid $10.00 US....Now no righteous coin group would allow me to win such a fine coin at that bargain price. Bidders! Bidders!
  2. Nice medal. I have a nice collection of the ANA medals and many had names still attached when I acquired them. No one famous. I removed the name tags before photographing them for the sake of privacy. The medals are beautifully done. I always enjoyed them. In fact, I am wondering now what I should do with them. I’d hate to see them destroyed or trashed. Some, I’m sure would be melted for the metal content. Now you have me thinking about this.
  3. Art1.2


    Pretty coin.. I hope this auction goes well for you. Still need to mail payment for last auction win. Sorry - procrastination has won again.
  4. Art1.2

    Show Your Sample slabs

    I have a number of sample slabs from different companies in my collection. I like them.
  5. Art1.2


  6. Art1.2

    Omnicoin is broken

    Try sending a PM to AKDRV to let him know about it.
  7. Lovely tokens. What a marvelous collection you have!
  8. ‘Calm amid the storms’ ? Very nice piece.
  9. Nice tokens. You have a diverse but interesting collection.
  10. Art1.2

    Coin Roll Hunters Post Your Finds...

    I used to think that I’d have lots of time for things like rolls. How wrong I was.
  11. Art1.2

    Obol, Perrhaebi tribe (Thessaly

    I’m guessing that hygiene was different in those days. 😱
  12. Art1.2


    Very nice dollar. I wish you the best with this fine auction. $5.75
  13. Art1.2

    Coin Roll Hunters Post Your Finds...

    I hadn’t even thought about roll searching in years. Wonder if anyone is still at it?
  14. Art1.2

    Hello again

    I hope that everything goes well for you and that you get to enjoy this wonderful hobby for a bit.
  15. Art1.2

    1891 Indian Head Penny

    Very nice.