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    Current project: Distributing my coin collection, slowly, to my Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. I have a lot of coins but a fair number of grands and greatgrands too!

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  1. Art1.2


    Beautiful coin. 10.00
  2. Art1.2


  3. Art1.2

    Found in The Coinstar Reject Bin Thread

    I like the idea of getting a percentage or two or three back on each purchase but one has to be careful to never let a balance accumulate, never be late, and never ever use the card where there is a premium for such usage, like gas purchases. It's often between 5 and 12 cents a gallon extra here. WOW!
  4. Art1.2

    Another silver dime for collection

    Beautiful coin!
  5. Art1.2

    New coin for collection

    Good looking coin.
  6. Art1.2

    Found in The Coinstar Reject Bin Thread

    Interestingly, I recently started to use a credit card for a number of things that I would normally have used cash to purchase. I have for years tried to use cash whenever possible. BUT I could have taken a slightly higher deduction on my Federal Taxes if I had had receipts. So by credit carding the payments for co-pays and the like, I end up with a searchable journal of payments. No fees or interest on the card and I get cash back on all purchases. Plus after I have charged $500 (within the first 3 months), I get $150 from the bank. Why not, I say. Of course, I transfer the payment to them as soon as I have used the card, so there will never be a balance.
  7. I've never seen a KMart token before. Very nice!
  8. What a great piece to add to your collection.
  9. Art1.2

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    Beautiful notes everyone.
  10. This is a wonderful project. I love the designs.
  11. Art1.2

    South Africa - Silver 1 Rand

    Great looking coins.
  12. Art1.2

    20 kreuzer from Austrian Empire

    Nice coins.
  13. Art1.2

    New member

    Hello and welcome. You can start a thread in the Exonumia subform. Nice pictures of both sides and sometimes the edge will help.
  14. Art1.2

    1891 Seated Liberty Dime added to my 7070

    Beautiful coin. I love my 7070. I doubt that it will ever be completely full. Maybe I'll give it to my Grandson.
  15. Art1.2