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  1. Many of the coin supply companies have a variety of pages to choose from. Of course, acid free is the most important thing, to me anyway. I cannot recall the name of the pages I used to use. They were actually designed to store photographic slides. More expensive but only slightly so. Found a good source on ebay. This is like years ago and I don’t recall names any longer. Sorry.
  2. Sounds like fun. I hope you all enjoy!
  3. Art1.2


    Good looking coins!
  4. Art1.2


    How could I possible pass on that beautiful dollar. $12.75
  5. The expense in making dies is one of the factors that cause minimum order quantities. You may just want to try a local jeweler who has a good rep for engraving. I have seen and held several dollar sized silver coins that were stripped clean of design on one side and re-engraved. I’m sure the same could be done with gold.
  6. Great collection of elongates. I really like these.
  7. Art1.2


    Nice coin Colin. Enjoy it!
  8. So I have this fireproof box and I haven’t opened it in a long long time. I’m thinking like maybe 10 years or more. As I recall it is mostly foreign coins. Nothing of value but stuff that I liked and stuck away for my collection but never did anything with . I do recall getting some rolls of like 2.5 Euro coins and placing them in there. I don’t recall the exact details but they were from Sweden (I think). I think there’s a few baggies in there of really crumby shape English Large Cents, the kind you used to see at coin shows for $2.00 or $2.50 a bag. So when I get to it, I’ll post a picture of the box and if I can find the key for it, I’ll actually open it and tell you what’s in there. If I can’t find the key, I’ll post the box locked picture and we can all speculate about the contents. I hope you enjoy this little exercise in the unknown and my attempt at posting something interesting outside of the Asylum. Pics to come.
  9. Meanwhile I have downloaded the GooglePay app so I’ll have ApplePay and GooglePay on my phone - at least. Not sure if I need them on my tablets but ApplePay is there anyway. So I can add GooglePay as well. I have my bank’s mobile app and use it to check balances and move things around, make payments and such but cannot see anything like ApplePay there.
  10. I plan to contact them and ask about it. I’m sure that with the xxxPay things they must pay some sort of fee and probably have some way of avoiding it.
  11. Ok so I need to actually use that apple pay that I have on my phone and tablets but have completely ignored. Thanks, I will learn how to do this. What a great feature for those using their cards. Can I use this at the gas pump?
  12. I wonder why my bank hasn’t featured such a thing. It would be marvelous for debit/credit card use.
  13. Can you tell me a bit more about these one-time use numbers that your phone generates. Special app? Special bank? Credit or debit card?
  14. I know what you mean but I’ve gotten way to complacent in using cards for everything. Of course, I purchase the cast majority of things online and so cards are a necessity. Paid for coffee yesterday in a small coffee shop with cash. Felt strange getting change and all.
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