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  1. thank you for you reply. has the coin got any value?
  2. Sorry it didn't attach on 1st go, so here are the backs.
  3. Hi, Many thanks for you help, I have attached a photograph of the front of the coins, I will try to attach one of the backs too. I do have photos of them all single aswell if needed. Cheers, Lewis.
  4. ok thanks will try and get some up
  5. hello there , i have recently got my coins out the cupboard which i have collected from various places over the years i have started looking them up on google and have realised that some of them could be worth a couple of quid , can anyone help me with the following coins please They are 1. philip ii ad 246-248 silver antoninianus mars holding spear and trophy ,, looks like its still in good condition not much wear? 2. victoria del gratia 1887 shiiling , looks to be silver and is still in top condition i would say no wear? 3. georgius iv del gratia , britanniar rex fid def 1826 , stilll in top condition no wear ? 4. also have numerous sixpences dating from 1926 through to the 1940s , also have half crowns dating from 1921.. any info will be muchly appreciated thanks
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