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  1. Hi, You told me I could take a pic over a mirror so the rotated die would show, but you didn't tell me what a vf 1878 CC 90 degree rotated die may be worth? I have 3 post office boxes full of various coins. I would like to start selling some to help a niece out with college. Do you know of any sites, besides Ebay, that would have good traffic? Thanks, Lora

  2. I have a very fine 1878-CC Morgan Dollar with 90 degrees...all I know is it is a R5, which means 31 - 80 known to exist...add mine to it. I wondered if anyone out there knows it's value and if they think it would be a good time to sell it or hold on to it. There's an MS62 one for sale on Ebay, the seller went down from 75 to 45 grand on a buy it now, which is a joke. Any realistic value appraisal would be appreciated. Mine has full feathers, very nice VF, except for a small scratch on it's obverse. I have many rotated reverses; many large cents, a couple really nice half cents, Buffalo's, etc... but this is my favorite. Keep or sell? Oh, I originally paid under two hundred U.S, Thanks all...if anyone needs a pic, I could take some, but pics don't really prove a rotated die LOL.
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