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  1. Thank you very much for your information and also for the news about the precious text of Forrer, which I could only look up in a library sometimes
  2. The perfect profile of the Queen Luise of Prussia (1776-1810) on this nice medal (m 33). Below, there are the letters M. & W. ST. It would be interesting to know what they mean (engraver, producer?)
  3. Hello. This medal seems to be an unlisted mule with the obverse of Bramsen 1337 (Battle of Brienne) and the reverse of Bramsen 1676 (Arrival of the Allies in Paris). Has someone some more information about?
  4. Hello. Maybe a kind of badge for horses fans?
  5. Hello. A seller gave me this object as a gift. Clearly, it is made from a Lincoln Cent, but I don't know what it could be and its utilisation. Somebody can tell me something? Thanks
  6. One of the most fascinating coins of the Kingdom of Victor Emmanuel III. Silver - mm. 35,5 grs. 15 Engraver: Attilio Silvio Motti
  7. Hi. I've added a new section in my webpages: a little beginning collection of jettons of XVII and XVIII century. I think that some of these pieces have the dignity of real medals.
  8. I collect medals, jettons and tokens of the Napoleonic era; coins of the Italian States from 1789 to 1870; Roman coins; miscellaneous jettons of XVII and XVIII century.
  9. I'm honoured if you link to my site and I'll do the same to yours. Thank you
  10. I've put some of my collections here: http://maxentius.lamoneta.it Many thanks to Elverno who let me know the fantastic world of medals and jettons of the napoleonic era.
  11. It is one of many jettons striked for the death of Louis XVI in 1793. Here are other examples (besides in Elverno's site): http://maxentius.lamoneta.it/PagineMedagli...I_Giustizia.htm http://maxentius.lamoneta.it/PagineMedagli...AmorPatriae.htm http://maxentius.lamoneta.it/PagineMedagli...rteLuigiXVI.htm http://maxentius.lamoneta.it/PagineMedagli...uigiXVI_var.htm
  12. Hi. I have purchased this jetton with others ones and I have found no reference about it. The reverse is the same of a 1791 jetton of Louis XVI (Hennin 241) with a legend lightly different, but the obverse depicts a female bust (Anne of Bretagne?). Can you help me? Thank you
  13. I don't know which could be the date of this medal (mm. 24). The obverse seems to be that of the medals for the transfer of the body of Napoleon in 1840, but the reverse is different. Could it be a modern mule or a variant of those 1840 medals? Thank you.
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