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  1. 1902 NGC MS65 BN IHC (Toned) Lot 60424 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=60424 1887 PCGS PR65 RB IHC (Yin & Yang reverse toning) Lot 60430 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=60430 1897 NGC PR65 RB IHC (1st Gen NGC slab, Tye dye toning) Lot 60436 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=60436 1909 PCGS PR65 RB IHC (Strawberry Princess) Well that all of the Lots that are currently up on Heritage but I als have two amazing Civil War Tokens that will be up for grabs in the February Long Beach sale........lot numbers to follow!!!
  2. Lot 62799 (3 toned Morgans) http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=62799 1880-S PCGS MS63 Morgan 1881-S NGC MS64 Morgan 1885-O NGC MS63* Morgan [imge]http://users.adelphia.net/~morefun/423198014d.jpg[/img] Lot 60384 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=60384
  3. 1885 MS64 * Battle Creek Morgan (Heritage) (Personal) Lot 62977 (3 toned Morgans) http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=62977 1886 NGC MS64*PL Battle Creek 1884-O NGC MS64 Morgan 1884-O NGC MS64 Morgan (Personal)
  4. Lot 62961 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=62961 1884-CC PCGS MS64 Morgan (Heritage) (Personal) Lot 62907 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=62907 1882-S NGC MS64 Morgan Lot 62819 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=62819 1880-S PCGS MS66 Morgan Lot 63065 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=63065 1987 NGC MS64* Battle Creek Morgan (Heritage) (Personal) Lot 63001 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...o=423&Lot_N
  5. Lot 63025 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=63025 1885-O NGC MS63 (Textile) Lot 63030 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=63030 1885-O NGC MS65 Morgan (Mega Textile) (Heritage) (Personal) Lot 63064 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=63064 1887 NGC MS63 Morgan
  6. 1885-O NGC MS63* Morgan (Heritage) (Personal Image) Lot 62468 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=62468 1958-D MS66 FBL Franklin Half (Heritage Image) (Personal Image) Lot 63049 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=63049 1886 NGC MS64* Morgan (Heritage) (Personal)
  7. It's never too early to get the word out about a nice group of consigned coins......and I just happen to know of just such a group......funny how that works I have a group of 27 toned coins that will be in the upcoming Heritage FUN show auctions. Most are quite amazing and feature beautiful rainbow colors and their is a mixture of PCGS and NGC graded material, but NO NGC graded Rainbow Peace dollars...I promise :Funny; I have all of the lot numbers and a mixture of images both from Heritage and also ones that I have taken which show the true color on the coins. Heritage is great for exposure but they haven't mastered the art of toned coin photography unfortunately and I wasn't smart enough to hold onto all of personal images when I consigned the coins so I have tried to lighter and adjust the contrast on the Heritage images so that some of the colors show through. They won't be spot on of course becuase the images on their web site they are really just too dark so I had to lighten them and make other adjustments to try to give you folks a better idea of what you might be bidding :ThumbsUp; All of the On line lots for the Heritage FUN sale are live now so here are the updated lot numbers..... Heritage Signature Sale #422 (not up yet) Lot 294001 1787 Fugio New Haven Restrike PCGS MS63 BN OGH Lot 294002 1907 IHC NGC PF66BN Heritage On Line Sale #423 (This are live right now!!!!!) Lot 62873 1881-S MS66 Morgan 1881-S NGC MS66* Morgan (Heritage Image) (Personal Image) Lot 63024 http://coins.heritageauctions.com/common/v...mp;Lot_No=63024 Looks like I will have to break this up into several posts.....
  8. Clearly AT....but it may not have been intentional.......could have been in a pocket.....could have been improperly stored..........environmental damage etc........but not normal natural toning for sure.
  9. I just consigned 26 toned coins to them for their upcoming Long Beach auction in September.....
  10. Don't worry about being the bad guy...speaking you mind is what should be expected around here. Let me tell you why this coin is 100% natural and then I'll tell you about how you are misinterpreting the white spots. When you hold the coin in hand you can see that the color is part of the coins surface and does not impair the luster in any way. Second the color progression is a natural one going from the golds to the light blue and then dark blue and then a rose red.....this is very difficult to duplicate if not impossible when using heat and chemicals. Also the rims are fully toned which you don't typically see on AT'd coins....but this buy itself is not an indication of originality but when tied in with the other factors......it's proof positive. Finally what you are interpreting as white spots is simply places where the toning has been pulled away from the coin. You will only see this on classic bag toned coins that have sat in bank valuts for decades. The coins are pressed against the sides of the bag so tightly that the thin layer of Silver sulfied begins to form on the coins surface. Sometimes when the coins are removed they are stuck to the side of the bag and once pulled away, pieces of the silver sulfied layer actually stay stuck to the bag. Basically they flake off So this is a coin that is absolutely 100% NT and would holder at any of the major TPGs. I can't say that about all toned coins but this one has all of the right diagnostics and I consider this are my specialty since all I collect is toned coins I do appreciate the feedback and I certainly don't expect everyone to be as excited about some of the coins I post....we all have different tastes and that's cool with me
  11. Thanks! My NGC membership just ran out but as soon as I renew, it will be off for grading....I agree.....this coin while pretty does not deserve the star designation but it will grade 63....no doubt about that
  12. Seems like I am having a lot of success with raw Toned Morgans on Ebay lately.....I think most aren't confident enough in their AT detection to go after coins not in plastic. While their are a lot of suspecious characters out their on Ebay, you can still find some genuinely nice coins if you have a good feel for toning patterns, colors etc. I picked this one upf for a $60 BIN and no reverse photo was included. The seller stated in the auction that the reverse was toned like the obverse and what do you know.....it was Seller also graded this an MS63 which is what I grade it. Some of what looks like scuffiness on the cheek is just toning breaks so it's solid for the grade but I can't see it making 64 at either of the big two. I think it looks very similar to another raw Morgan I picked up a few months back.......that coin now resides in an NGC MS64 holder. So do you folks approve???? NGC MS64 purchased Raw....
  13. If you had seen the Ebay picture for the 85-O....you might have thought me nuts for spending $42 but I could tell their was some bands of color in the blurry and dark scan and low and behold this showed up on my doorstep The 82-S looks nicer than quite a few of the Battle Creek's that got * designation but I did not figure it would get it. It's still very pretty and it shows that if you know what your doing you can still find nice colorful raw morgans on Ebay.
  14. Finally sent in one ANACS MS64 1936-D Buffalo Nickel that I expected to come back with the same grade....just wanted it in an NGC holder so I could add it to my Signature set.......NGC said MS64. So while the coins aren't really worth a whole lot more in their new holders....the submission met and even surpassed my expectations a wee bit
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