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  1. Im selling off part of my silver quarter collection. i have 118 Washingtons for sale and im asking $6.15 each if your interested or need some more pics feel free to send me a PM or email me at mevin217@yahoo.com, and we'll work from there. i accept paypal. thanks
  2. here is a list of some coins that i have and looking to sell, they have the asking price next to them. if your interested or need some pics you can PM or email me at mevin217@yahoo.com 1825 bust half dollar EF-40 $115 1868 nickel 3 cent coin. VG-8 $17 1909 Barber half VF-20 $70 1938-D buffalo nickel PCGS MS-66 $80 1935 Washington quarter PCGS MS-65 $125 1902 barber half $10 1908 barber half $10 1899 barber half $12 1906-O barber half in Fine condition $30 1839 bust half in Fine condition $80 1853 half dime(with arrows) G-4 $16 1920 buffalo nickels 2 for $2 1854 large cent in XF-45 $65 1837 bust dime VG-8 $30 mercury dimes $1.50 each: 1920,1920,1923 silver War nickels $1.25 each: 1944P, 1942P 1951 Washington quarter $3.50 1968 50% silver Canadian dimes $1 each. V nickels $1.20 each. they are all in good condition and have readable dates.
  3. does anyone here want to sell their wheat pennies? i am buying them for 3 cents each. i am trying to put sets together for my kids and future grandkids before wheats get to expensive like many coins are now.
  4. i am thinking that this is between VF and XF i know that theres a big price difference between the two. what do you guys think that it would be?
  5. the first one looks like a error. the second looks like it was in the ground, i metal detect and thats what the nickels look like when the come out of the ground.
  6. i am selling these errors. i am asking $8 each or $45 for all. i will cover the cost of shipping. if your interested or want close up pictures of some please PM or email me at mevin217@yahoo.com
  7. i am thinking about writing more articles but i was wondering what i should write about. anyone have any idea? i was thinking about writing about the history of the dollar sign or the dollar itself.
  8. im glad that you liked the article, i was actually the one who wrote it.
  9. i found this artical about how PGCS grades there coins i thought you guys might be interested.Let me know what you think. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/4...ades_coins.html
  10. for sale is a PCGS graded 1938-D buffalo nickel. the PCGS value for this coin is $100. i am asking $85 plus shipping. if your interested please PM me or email me at mevin217@yahoo.com PS. the scratch on the back of the coin in the picture is on the plastic and not the coin. the coin is really a great one, it looks better in person.
  11. art is the highest bidder at 20.00 anyone else?
  12. i am selling this i am asking 240(plus shipping) for it. i believe that it is in VF-20 if not better condition i have added pics so you can judge for yourself if interested please PM me or email me at mevin217@yahoo.com thanks, whitesid
  13. i am selling this 20 dollar star note. it is series 2004 and it is in GREAT condition as you can see in the pics. the only problem with it is there is a red stain on the bottom left corner and a small black one on the top right corner. this ends exactly 7 days from when it was posted. i am starting it at face value, $20 plus 50 cents for shipping. i accept money orders and paypal thanks, whitesid
  14. i have a 1833 rotated die die error dime. it is in VF-20 condition. i am asking 85 for it. if you are interested in the coin please PM me or email me at mevin217@yahoo.com
  15. for sale i have the following: 1934-D merk $1.25 1907 1908 1912 barber halves. the are in average circulated condition. the book value is 12.00 each. i am selling them at 10.00 each 1908 1911 V-nickels. i graded them both at VG-8. the book value is 2.50 each and i am selling them for 2.00 each. 1853 seated quarter. i graded it at VG-20+ the book price is 55.00 i am selling it for 50.00 1827 bust dime. i graded it at VG-8 but its close to fine. the book value for VG is 40 and the book value for fine is 55.00. i am selling it for 40.00 i have some pictures so everyone can see the coins and show that i grade honestly. if anyone has any questions or wants a better picture feel free to email me or PM me. -whitesid HH
  16. i also have a unc. 2003 100 dollar bill star note for $105 shipping and insurance included
  17. i have these three modern star notes for sale. cirulated condition: $1 series 2003A F00302644* $20 series 2004 EF02546755* uncirulated $20 series 2004 EC01842078* bidding starts at 41.00 theres a 2 dollar charge for shipping and insurance. pictures ends this saturday, 11:00 pm est
  18. its still available, i will try to get some pics. i need to resize them first
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