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  1. Bob Julian's article I mentioned above describes 3 dies for 1760 rouble reverse die. One with wing change and 2 with tail changes added in.
  2. There was a follow up article by Bob Julian on the specifically late 1760 changes to the reverse die of the rouble. Unfortunately that issue of the JRNS was never published, as JRNS went on "hiatus". Article mentions the changes to the right wing with an added notch - Ivanov most likely created a new hub for this part of the wing since original hub probably deteriorated Eugene I am curious who the expert is - is it Altair on SM?
  3. Looks like good coins travel in groups: http://www.staraya-moneta.ru/forum/messages/forum1/topic222687/message2393269/#message2393269
  4. Sigi, are congratulations in order for the first coin in post one? 😉
  5. Yes, nice coins! I still have 1791 E:M: in my collection (most of my Paul re-overstrikes are gone). Kept it because of the provenance (B. F. Brekke) and the color. One day I will make a better picture.
  6. Have you gentlemen seen this auction of copper coins that too place past Saturday? https://bidspirit.com/ui/catalog/auction/4501/1?lang=en See lot 315 for a wonderful example of this coin type. https://bidspirit.com/ui/lotPage/source/catalog/auction/4501/lot/92065/5-копеек-1791-года-Е-М-Медь-49?lang=en Many more nice ones.
  7. I am assuming Sigi bought the coin at a price of a copy, which further identifies the community's thoughts on that coin. Last time I remember giveaways on Ebay was in 1999.
  8. Yes, in deed. I also find the video interesting. It shows screw press at work. When one sees a picture of a screw press, it is hard to imagine how fast it operates. The video certainly gives it a better visual representation.
  9. Interesting defect. Here is a demo on how the screw press operated:
  10. Very possible. I do not have the coin anymore to tell. At the time I was searching for rare ones based on the edge types as mentioned in the classic catalogs. I give a lot of credit to you and other researchers taking it to the next level with identifying the mints.
  11. A very long time ago on a whim I've decided to put together a set of Elizabeth 5 kopeks (with and without MM). Somehow it took me about a month, including 1761 (just so happened). Looking back now I see the condition was very low, but I will be honest with you, I was very happy with my accomplishment at the time.
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