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  1. Very cool! It'd be nice if the organization got out of politics and kept with old traditions like these!
  2. Very nice, Steve. Did you buy it online? Fantastic toning. I can only imagine how she looks in hand.
  3. September 8, 2018 - the Vermont Sesquicentennial half dollar https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vermont_Sesquicentennial_half_dollar What a gorgeous coin. Look at that high relief! I even love the fields - reminds me of the fields of a buffalo nickel. I doubt anyone here has this coin, but I sure want one after seeing it! Not sure I've ever seen it before.
  4. As I understand it, back in the day when coins were valued for their precious metal content AND goods could be bought with coins, snipping off fractions of coins was a way to make change!
  5. That's incredible, Steve. You're a very lucky man.
  6. Beautiful. Look at the delicate work in the field.
  7. Where's YeOldeCollector when we need him!
  8. Oh my my my my... This forum hasn't seen a post like this in ages. Thank you so much for the pics and the story. Please keep sharing!! I haven't been to a real coin show in forever. My favorite one (the only real one I've ever been to) is the Whitman Coin Show in Baltimore. Three times a year and I've been busy each of those weekends for the last few years. It truly brings a tear to my eye. I wish I could find another show that could stand in for that show...
  9. Fantastic shot!! Show us more!!
  10. August 11, 2018 - James B. Longacre - Designer of many, many iconic U.S. coinage designs Flying Eagle cent (1856–1858) Indian Head cent (1859–1909) Two-cent piece (1864–1873) Three-cent piece in silver (1851–1873) and nickel (1865–1889) Shield nickel (1866–1883) Liberty Seated half dime reverse (1860–1873) Liberty Seated dime reverse (1860–1891), reused with slight modification as reverse of Barber dime (1892–1916) Liberty Head gold dollar (1849–1889) Three-dollar piece (1854–1889) Liberty Head double eagle (1849–1907) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_B._Longacre
  11. Man, this makes me really excited to get my collection cleaned up a bit.
  12. Without holding it in hand, I can't tell. Maybe someone with a better eye can help!
  13. Hey, are you able to show us the obverse and reverse? Thanks!
  14. Great questions. I can't help you, sadly, but I love the medal.
  15. Always busy on Labor Day (for better or worse). Have fun!
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