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  1. Lots of Michigan tokens (though I just now see your location...)
  2. thedeadpoint


    Peace Dollars are one of my favorite series. I'm jealous of this great find!
  3. Tell us more about this, please. Here in the Washington, D.C. region, we have the world's largest Ethiopian population outside of Ethiopia. I can spot an Ethiopian a mile away. I know their country's history is one of the most robust and distinct on the continent, especially in the middle 20th century. I enjoy learning about it whenever I can.
  4. Jeez!! How did they keep track of them!
  5. Whoa! Is the memorial design "raised", i.e. above the surface of the coin? Or is it recessed, i.e. into the coin?
  6. Found this question in another part of the forum:
  7. The mention of the omega mark makes me wonder how long ancient coins remained in circulation. Would a first century A.D. Roman occasionally find a 5th century B.C. coin in his change?
  8. thedeadpoint

    Lundy Island

    I think it's an elegant design.
  9. I think you're onto something. You should take it to a local coin dealer
  10. I appreciate the thorough response and I expected that analogy. I wish I were still in college where I had access to an electron microscope; I could pop a coin inside and zoom in nice and close on the raised lettering. In reality, it's probably a mixture of both. The harder, more abrasive environments of streets, vending machines, and dirty pockets make more scientific sense to me. However, I have been pulling some late nights for work this week and am not thinking as clearly as I prefer!
  11. How do you like the new scanner? Do these images give the jetons justice?
  12. You are indeed right, Art. Ever since I started using a credit card about 4 years ago, I haven't used cash or debit much because of the reward points and the security.
  13. Hey man, is it possible you can place a normal dime next to these coins? It'll help us compare them.
  14. I really like the last two, especially the last one.
  15. Without having a reference image in front of me, that looks like a large date
  16. Good evening, Have you googled the coin to see what the weight should be? That's the first thing I'd do. Also, I think there are various "scratch" tests you can do to see if something is really gold.
  17. As a materials engineer and a coin collector, I've never ever heard of that effect and politely point out that it's probably wrong. Can you point me to some literature that shows that?
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