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  1. Ahh... I swear I looked over those images 10 times and didn't see the dates until just now.
  2. VERY cool! How did the nickel show up as copper?
  3. Art, I've always loved you sharing IHCs on here.
  4. Art, I really want to make my own coin collection holder but I know the materials have to be selected carefully. The wood, the finish, the felt, etc.
  5. Thats's really cool. Can you identify any dates?
  6. Is that an owl riding a sturgeon? What a hoot!
  7. I agree with Corina. If it was a doubled die, you would see very pronounced doubling on other features and text of the coin. Good find though.
  8. Hi! Welcome to Coinpeople! There's probably nothing unusual about your coin - just an old worn coin (you'd look like that if you were shuffling around for 82 years!). Best case scenario for you - the die used to strike the coin was worn or partly filled with grease when it struck the coin leaving an incomplete mark.
  9. Maybe someone silvered it as a science experiment
  10. Keep up the great posts, Rod. I feel like I have another purchase in the nearish future.
  11. It looks like it is covered in cornmeal. What is that?
  12. Very cool! I have so many questions! - What sort of profit margin does a coin dealer expect? - If I have a completed series, does it have any more value than the individual coins added together? - What are some of the "holy cow!" coins or notes that have passed through your hands?
  13. I'd love to see the Indian Head design come back but it won't
  14. Very cool! Welcome to Coinpeople! As a longtime patron of local coin shops, what's it like being on the other side of the displays?
  15. Might be a grease filled die or a late stage die strike. Welcome to CP!
  16. Welcome to Coinpeople! What do you collect?
  17. Thank you for your service! May I ask what you do at APG?
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