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  1. Wow. Those are stunning in their own ways. Have you shared many mor recent than 1957 here?
  2. It is! Welcome! How can we help?
  3. Unbelievable. How often do you come across medals with their original packaging?
  4. It looks like he could step right out of the medal. Beautiful.
  5. thedeadpoint


    I really like it , too!
  6. Normally, I'd browse but I'm taking a month without pay (paternity leave in America...) so I'm not going to tempt myself by looking!
  7. Ha! After all my years of reading every article I see about pocket rarities, I had no idea about the 1982 D bronzes!
  8. Hi Lynn, Sorry for your loss and welcome to the forum. We have a bunch of collectors of British coins here who might be able to help.
  9. I bet it's two coins somehow mated together, like for a magician's trick.
  10. Hi! Welcome to Coinpeople! Sorry for the delay in response. Obviously, it's hard to make a conclusive judgement without knowing the year. I can't really tell from the photo. It can't be worth more than a handful of dollars. That's not bad though!
  11. Interesting. Is there a reason Australia celebrated the Year of the Horse?
  12. I like that. I wonder if Art has seen it.
  13. That is very nice. I know nothing about ancient coins, but I hope someone can help.
  14. I love finding old nickels. What a classic mintmark placement.
  15. thedeadpoint


    Awesome! Is it for your personal collection?
  16. BEAUTIFUL. Remind me again what the H rarity designates? More or less rare than "R" (etc.)?
  17. Add as many to the list as you want! I'd definitely separate Czechia (the new name) from Slovakia and Czech Republic. Good luck with South Sudan! Do they even have a currency yet?
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