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  1. On 7/28/2019 at 5:28 PM, schutzenfester said:


    1890 Frauenfeld Federal Shoot

    • PB/SN
    • 41mm
    • R
    • Engraver: Sebald Drentwett, Augsburg
    • In original paper wrapper - RRR

    Picture 1: The medal in UNC/as issued condition (other than 154+ years in a paper wrapper)

    Picture 2: Shows the medal inside the original wrapper as issued.


    1859 Zurich.jpg


    Unbelievable. How often do you come across medals with their original packaging?

  2. Hi! Welcome to Coinpeople! Sorry for the delay in response.

    Obviously, it's hard to make a conclusive judgement without knowing the year. I can't really tell from the photo. It can't be worth more than a handful of dollars. That's not bad though!

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