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  1. My dad was USS Holder, DD-819. I believe it went off to Peru or Chile and eventually became a reef!
  2. My bank has the feature but they don't feature it (does that make sense?). There are a fair amount of services it has that it kind of buries. You may want to ask your bank to see if they have a recommendation or if they have it.
  3. Very cool coins, guys. I've never seen images of old Toronto. Please keep sharing.
  4. Trust your gut. Even if someone told you it was real, if you're looking at that coin 15 years from now and you still get the same feeling, then it's probably fake and/or not worthy of your collection.
  5. Art, It's a best practice for internet security to use something called Two Factor Authentication. One factor is your normal password to enter a site. The second factor is a code that only you should be able to see to enter on the website. The code can be sent to you a number of ways: text message, email, or on an app. The first two methods are less trustworthy since thieves are getting good at intercepting our emails and text messages for these numbers. Using an app is best. Some websites tell you to use Google Authenticator or other third-party (but trustworthy!) apps. Some tell you to use their own app. For example, my bank has an app that generates these random numbers that only I can see.
  6. I should've made it a New Year's resolution to spend more cash.
  7. I looooove Barber dimes. One of the three series I collect! I also looooove New Orleans mint marked coins.
  8. What's the story with the corroded food stamp token? What era?
  9. A few days late but happy new year, friends!
  10. I really really really really want one of those irradiated Mercs. Combines two of my biggest passions.
  11. October 16, 2019 - McKinley Birthplace Memorial gold dollar - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McKinley_Birthplace_Memorial_gold_dollar These coins were struck in smallish quantities over two years to help finance the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial in Niles, Ohio. They are about as valuable as you'd expect a 100-year old gold commemorative dollar to be, but not much more so than that.
  12. That's a great question! There are some folks here who have made coins before. Let's see if they chime in.
  13. Four answers! 1) The 1978 is copper whereas the other two are copper-clad zinc. 2) As such, they will wear differently and react differently to the many chemicals it comes into contact with over its lifetime. 3) The way they were struck by the Mint has probably evolved. 4) The dies they were struck with have different amounts of wear.
  14. Me, too. Started collecting a few but that was back when I was collecting a bunch of different things with no discipline.
  15. Look up your coin on this site: http://www.coppercoins.com/advsearch.php It's an excellent site and you should be able to see what you have.
  16. Finally catching up with my favorite thread and WOW! Someone at Wikipedia sure loves their commemorative coins! February 13, 2019 - Hawaii Sesquicentennial Half Dollar - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawaii_Sesquicentennial_half_dollar A famous commemorative coin. Only 10,000 were minted and few exist in high grades. Moreover, only 50 proofs were minted. The last one sold by Heritage was in 2004 for $25,000. Imagine what they'd go for today! April 22, 2019 - Lynchburg Sesquicentennial Half Dollar - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynchburg_Sesquicentennial_half_dollar John Lynch, the founder of Lynchburg, was supposed to be on the obverse but no portrait of him was known. So they depicted then Senator Carter Glass - only the third living person to be depicted on a U.S. coin. He also has the distinction of being the first person to have their signature on U.S. currency when he was Treasury Secretary. May 9, 2019 - Maine Centennial Half Dollar - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maine_Centennial_half_dollar This coin is very hard to find in good condition because it wasn't distributed into the collecting community. Therefore, many of the folks who purchased it didn't handle it as well. August 9, 2019 - Gadsden Purchase Half Dollar - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gadsden_Purchase_half_dollar Interestingly, as I looked for a picture of this coin on the wikipedia page, I realized that the coin never existed! It was nominated but never approved by Congress. So fascinating that it still became a Featured Article. August 26, 2019 - Alabama Centennial Half Dollar - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alabama_Centennial_half_dollar The coin features Alabama's first and then-current governors making it the U.S. first coin to feature a living person. September 26, 2019 - Louisiana Purchase Sesquicentennial Half Dollar - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisiana_Purchase_Sesquicentennial_half_dollar Similar to the Gadsden Purchase half, I realized that the coin never existed! It was nominated but never approved by Congress.
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