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    Latest bulk token buy

    Stellar! To think 1883 was considered old to 1933 and here we are in 2019.
  2. thedeadpoint

    what do you think of seeing this coin, real or fake

    Most likely fake. I'm not an expert but that would be a very rare coin in very nice condition. You have a better chance of catching a unicorn than stumbling upon one of those that hasn't already been graded.
  3. thedeadpoint

    Looking for more info...

    Welcome! I personally don't know much about non-American coins but I know plenty of people here may be able to help.
  4. thedeadpoint

    New member

    Welcome to the forum!
  5. thedeadpoint

    Canada 1954 $1 Devil's Face

    I can't answer your question but I'm sure someone can. I also can't see the face!
  6. thedeadpoint

    Show Your Sample slabs

    Yes it does. Thank you!
  7. thedeadpoint

    Show Your Sample slabs

    I used to live a short distance from DLRC. I attempted to go to their store once but I don't think they allow drop-ins. I also used to live very, very close to another dealer. I forget the name but it was one of the dealers that advertised very prominently on many different pages in Coinage and CoinWorld magazines. On the back cover. Also wasn't allowed to drop in. Boo.
  8. thedeadpoint

    Mint Mark Error or Die Crack???

    Hmmm... I can't quite tell what you're talking about.
  9. Beautiful. The "polishing" is part of the story. I love that this hobby appreciates wear and original patinas and toning.
  10. thedeadpoint

    Encased coins lucky pennies

    Love the chamber pot cent!
  11. thedeadpoint

    Show Your Sample slabs

    Beautiful!! What do you mean sample or first world sample?
  12. thedeadpoint

    1814 peace coin / medal

    Very cool
  13. thedeadpoint

    Noob to medals and tokens

    This is exciting! I don't collect medals but I am very curious to follow along your progress and see what you choose
  14. thedeadpoint

    silver gaming tokens

    Well, I don't know what to think of that legend.
  15. thedeadpoint

    Swiss Shooting Medals

    Very nice. Any reason you're posting all the Davos medals now?
  16. thedeadpoint

    Latest bulk token buy

    Huh. The history book (!) and coinage suggests it was a two year party!
  17. I've posted about these before but surprisingly often, a coin or note makes the Featured Article of the Day on Wikipedia! This happens so often that I actually have stopped posting about it but I think I need to. Numismatic topics are way more prevalent than other hobbies - take that philatelia! Featured Article on January 25th, 2014 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elgin,_Illinois,_Centennial_half_dollar Does anyone have one of these?
  18. thedeadpoint

    Wikipedia's Featured Article of the Day

    And on January 9, 2019, one of my favorite coin series: Walking Liberty Half Dollar I believe my earliest proof coin is a 1941 Walking Lib!
  19. thedeadpoint

    Wikipedia's Featured Article of the Day

    I'm running a little behind on this. Here are two recent Featured Articles: From December 4, 2018: Kalākaua coinage A set of silver coins of the Kingdom of Hawaii dated 1883, authorized to boost Hawaiian pride by giving the kingdom its own money. They were designed by Charles E. Barber, Chief Engraver of the United States Bureau of the Mint, and were struck at the San Francisco Mint. The issued coins are a dime (ten-cent piece), quarter dollar, half dollar, and dollar. Gorgeous coins. I don't have any. I am a big fan of Barber's designs though.
  20. thedeadpoint

    Latest bulk token buy

    Love the Bicentennial! Must've been a fun time!
  21. thedeadpoint

    silver gaming tokens

    These must've been worth more than your typical $1 chip.