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  1. thedeadpoint

    French Excellence 2018 - Gold Kilo Coin

    A kilo of gold? Wow!
  2. thedeadpoint

    Elongated coins

    Oooh, I really like that!
  3. thedeadpoint

    Latest bulk token buy

    Great tokens!
  4. Well this is fantastic. Can you tell us more about it? Do you have a collection of these? Welcome to CoinPeople!
  5. thedeadpoint

    Official Premiere WHISKY COIN

    Alright, that's pretty cool.
  6. thedeadpoint

    Very RARE Coin - Need some help !

    Welcome to the forum! That's a fantastic find! I hope YeOldeCollector will chime in. He's knowledgable about these sort of coins.
  7. thedeadpoint

    Information needed please

    Hmm... How do you know it is gold? Looks suspicious to me.
  8. thedeadpoint

    Circulating Kennedy Half dollars

    That's incredible! Any idea why?
  9. thedeadpoint

    ANA Philadelphia Newps

    I'm conflicted. I have several series I've been working on for a decade (or two???) now because 1) I don't get to go to shops or shows more than once a year and 2) I like the hunt. I know I could find all of the coins I want online, but I like searching the tables and the shops for that perfect one. Not "perfect" as in MS-70, but... "the one". Anywho, it's frustrating at times because I won't make any progress towards completing them. But I don't want to buy overpriced slabs from Heritage.
  10. thedeadpoint

    Latest bulk token buy

    Is that lead?
  11. thedeadpoint

    Latest Circulation Find

  12. thedeadpoint

    Latest Circulation Find

    What about Pierre McGuire? 😛
  13. thedeadpoint

    Latest Circulation Find

    Who is pierre??!
  14. thedeadpoint

    USA Shooting medals

    Very cool! It'd be nice if the organization got out of politics and kept with old traditions like these!