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  1. Wikipedia's Featured Article of the Day

    There's been a drought but... November 16, 2017 featured the Susan B. Anthony dollar! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_B._Anthony_dollar I rather like the coin. It is the youngest "obsolete" issue I learned about when I started collecting in the mid-90s.
  2. Thanks for sharing about your local landmark. Very cool. I personally don't know how to solicit the RCM to make a commemorative coin. I'd start with the local media, a local coin club, and local politicians!

    How rare is rare in the POG world?
  4. Fatman coins flower no flower?

    ccg? gxseries? Can either of you help?
  5. Straits Settlements New Additions

    WOW!! What did you expect? CONGRATS!
  6. Very funky coins! Fits with the era!
  7. CCG, can you help? Love the medal.
  8. Latest bulk token buy

    Gotta say it's weird to see a URL on a coin...
  9. Swiss Shooting Medals

    Welcome to Coinpeople, Willowskye! Love all the medals you shared!
  10. 1928s peace dollar value

    Hi! Welcome to Coinpeople! I love this series of coins more than any other. This coin is one of the rarer ones. I can't tell the specific detail from the picture you posted. It looks like it may have been cleaned (not a good thing). However, I can't really tell. If it truly is in the mid-60s, I'd say $2000 is possible. However, if it's been cleaned or if it is slightly lower graded, it might be only in the few hundreds of dollars. What values have you seen online?

    Just reported three posts tonight. Thank god for the mods!
  12. New Help!

    Because of the way that coin looks, it was definitely properly minted and left the mint in good condition, but it was damaged elsewhere. Since it seems so smooth, it's either something rubbing against it for a long time or someone corroded it with an acid or something.
  13. Boy, people commemorate a lot of random stuff.
  14. Latest bulk token buy

    That Columbia one has a bit more value now, sadly.
  15. 1 ounce Copper rounds

    Gorgeous finish for those.