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  1. I should've made it a New Year's resolution to spend more cash.
  2. I looooove Barber dimes. One of the three series I collect! I also looooove New Orleans mint marked coins.
  3. What's the story with the corroded food stamp token? What era?
  4. A few days late but happy new year, friends!
  5. Any Interest in the POGS/MPC's ??  I have over 7500 Spare Pogs !!!


  6. I really really really really want one of those irradiated Mercs. Combines two of my biggest passions.
  7. October 16, 2019 - McKinley Birthplace Memorial gold dollar - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McKinley_Birthplace_Memorial_gold_dollar These coins were struck in smallish quantities over two years to help finance the National McKinley Birthplace Memorial in Niles, Ohio. They are about as valuable as you'd expect a 100-year old gold commemorative dollar to be, but not much more so than that.
  8. That's a great question! There are some folks here who have made coins before. Let's see if they chime in.
  9. Four answers! 1) The 1978 is copper whereas the other two are copper-clad zinc. 2) As such, they will wear differently and react differently to the many chemicals it comes into contact with over its lifetime. 3) The way they were struck by the Mint has probably evolved. 4) The dies they were struck with have different amounts of wear.
  10. Me, too. Started collecting a few but that was back when I was collecting a bunch of different things with no discipline.
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