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  1. Latest bulk token buy

    Those are funky statues. Are they part of the dam today?
  2. Chinese poem coins (1661 - 1722)

    Cool fact about the coins! Thank you!
  3. UK Retained rim cud

    Bump for the UK folks
  4. St. Patty's day throws

    Half/Fast Walking Club!
  5. Another slabbed coin for my collection

    Beautiful! My favorite series!
  6. Peace Dollar Fillers

    Jealous! It's my favorite!
  7. Casino tokens and chips

    I thought that was Lyndon Johnson at first
  8. 1953 Wheat Penny

    You're a very lucky man. It might be nearly a decade since I last found a wheat in change.
  9. Latest bulk token buy

    I REALLY like this one!
  10. ikaros' Jefferson Project

    She's a beaut! Probably even prettier in person!
  11. Latest bulk token buy

    I think my computer didn't read that font correctly. What did you say?
  12. 1cent and 10cent year 2000

    Sorry to hear about your father :-/ I am not a Canadian coin collector, but I don't think they are worth much more than face value.
  13. Abraham Lincoln 1$ star within a star.

    Great analysis. This is one reason why I love this hobby.
  14. And that's why I've never bought from eBay!