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  1. thedeadpoint

    Swiss Shooting Medals

    I'm very happy for you guys. I am sure you'll grace us with stories and findings once you receive it.
  2. thedeadpoint

    Casino tokens and chips

    Those are some shiny tokens!
  3. thedeadpoint

    Swiss Shooting Medals

    The second edition is finally being released?! How much did yu drop?
  4. thedeadpoint


    Very nice! I think Art's grandson deserves some of those great coins.
  5. thedeadpoint

    Latest bulk token buy

    I was going to say that's a cute bear but that's a goofy looking bear!
  6. thedeadpoint

    Another silver dime for collection

    Yowza!! That's a beaut!
  7. thedeadpoint

    Omnicoin is broken

    How's it going now?
  8. thedeadpoint

    South African error coins

    What a great error!
  9. thedeadpoint

    New member!

    Welcome! What sort of info are you looking for?
  10. thedeadpoint

    20 kreuzer from Austrian Empire

    Beautiful and lustrous.
  11. thedeadpoint

    Latest bulk token buy

    K mart tokens?!
  12. thedeadpoint

    Found in The Coinstar Reject Bin Thread

    I do the same, Art. For years, I never touched my credit card except for emergency purposes. Then my friends pointed out that I could be gaining points the whole time. Now, I view it as a guaranteed 2% off everything!
  13. thedeadpoint

    Latest Banknote purchases.

    Very powerful color scheme!
  14. thedeadpoint

    South Africa - Silver 1 Rand

    What Art said!
  15. thedeadpoint

    Fake Copper US Trade Dollar?

    Oooooh.... I googled it. I couldn't find any references to a legitimate copper trade dollar. Looks like it's probably a fake. I think this coin was faked a lot since it circulated so widely.