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  1. thedeadpoint

    ikaros' goodies

    Man, this makes me really excited to get my collection cleaned up a bit.
  2. thedeadpoint

    Encased coins lucky pennies

    Wonderful! Do you have many encased steelies?
  3. thedeadpoint

    2015 Dime Raised Front Error Help?

    Without holding it in hand, I can't tell. Maybe someone with a better eye can help!
  4. thedeadpoint

    Help me identify this coin I found in the Caribbean

    Hey, are you able to show us the obverse and reverse? Thanks!
  5. Great questions. I can't help you, sadly, but I love the medal.
  6. thedeadpoint

    ikaros' goodies

    Always busy on Labor Day (for better or worse). Have fun!
  7. thedeadpoint

    Fantasies Republics of Armenia & Azerbaijan

    Hmm... Not able to see anything.
  8. thedeadpoint

    Extra Mast 2000 P Virginia State Quarter

    I do not. As a proud Virginian, I think I need to find my own version of this!
  9. Can't give you any advice but I can't wait to see your progress!
  10. thedeadpoint

    Would I take the chance to clean on this?

    Hmm.... First, you're storing it in the worst material, I think. It looks like PVC and I believe that is the last thing you want to store a coin in (besides battery acid). Second, I know there are places online about how to repair that. I think olive oil helps...
  11. thedeadpoint

    Stan sale

    Hmm... I don't have any valuation books on me. If memory serves me right, this is probably a couple dollars. I could be very wrong
  12. thedeadpoint

    Help with £2 with 3 mint errors

    Hello! Can you share some pictures with us?