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  1. thedeadpoint

    new coin for collection

    Colin, do you have a lot of high grade silver eagles? First I've seen you post!
  2. thedeadpoint

    1817 UK Half Crown

    Another beauty.
  3. thedeadpoint

    1853 UK Half Penny

  4. thedeadpoint

    Elongated coins

    Do you have any of the latter two pennies to share?
  5. thedeadpoint

    J.S. Duncan medal

    What a fantastically deep relief for ... a mayor?
  6. thedeadpoint

    1921 Morgan

    She's a beaut!
  7. thedeadpoint

    Latest purcase - 1862 1 Rupee - British India

  8. thedeadpoint

    Elongated coins

    Looks a little long for a dune buggy!
  9. thedeadpoint

    1977 quarter

    If it is raised above the surface, it is a die crack.
  10. thedeadpoint

    Second change find this year

    I haven't seen one of those in aaaaaages!
  11. thedeadpoint

    Elongated coins

  12. thedeadpoint

    1992 cent

    One thing you could do is go to this site and see if you can identify your coin using small tell-tale signs on the die: http://www.coppercoins.com/advsearch.php
  13. thedeadpoint

    Elongated coins

    What a beautiful smashing of the obverse!
  14. thedeadpoint

    New to CoinPeople

    Hey! Welcome to Coinpeople!