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  1. Hello - I was scanning things and came across this coin. It is very interesting and a very old novodel. Does anyone have any thoughts on this coin? Experiences or does anyone have images to share. Any proud owners? Novodels interest me. And for one to be so old. Seems odd and even a little mysterious. Thanks much.
  2. That is it! I was having trouble getting an image. This looks similar to the Numista image at https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces114409.html What are our thoughts on this? Thanks, Eugene. I am eager to receive your magnum opus book!
  3. DAJ

    Coons of Peter III

    Eugene is wonderful in assisting me with info on the book. From what I have seen, the coin images he has are the finest I have ever seen anywhere. That is awesome for me an anyone who purchases. Best to all.
  4. Greetings! What is the best reference in n English for learning about these coins please. I cannot find Diakov. Favorite is 10 kopeck coin. Thanks very much. Dwight
  5. DAJ

    Coons of Peter III

    Thanks. Shall check that out. Wondered about it being in Russian. Want to check your excellent collection again. Best. Just ordered
  6. DAJ

    Coons of Peter III

    Thanks. Shall check that out. Wondered about it being in Russian. Want to check your excellent collection again. Best.
  7. Thanks and congrats. Let us know when it is in English.
  8. Beautiful coins. Thanks. You teach us all. I need to check Sigi's collection again!
  9. DAJ

    1883 poltina

    Thanks for the post
  10. Excellent post. Congrats and thanks. Keep such info coming!
  11. A sad state of affairs. It seems like the nice coin is now jewelry. it is interesting that it was probably converted when the coin was new, thus the good condition., Speaking of jewelry, i somehow managed to end up with a carved up poltina of about the same vintage. What is left of the coin is in excellent shape because it was carved when new. Mine is like eBay item number:332135731461A at http://www.ebay.com/itm/1883-SILVER-RUSSIA-ROUBLE-IMPERIAL-EAGLE-CUT-OUT-ALEXANDER-II-COIN-ART-BROOCH/332135731461?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Wish the news could be better for your coin.
  12. Thanks! It looks better than the enlargement.
  13. I got back on Mr. Elmen's mailing list and found a Sun Rouble i like. (I like most of these rugged coins.) A few years ago, this would have sold for upwards of a couple grand. (I won it for $875 in case you wonder.). Though it has some grafiti, it is superior to the other Sun i own and for which i paid far more. Both are degrees of VF. This is Bitkin 1316. While thinking over bidding, i came across this NGC site that features this coin as an example of a Sun Rouble.: https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/russia-rouble-km-166.1-1724-1725-cuid-1095154-duid-1536422. Elmen was very surprised to hear this. He said NGC lifts images. He tried to track down how the coin might have been found by NGC through other sellers but had no luck. Of course a great part of the pleasure of the hobby is the hunt. Best. Dwight
  14. https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/russia-rouble-km-166.1-1724-1725-cuid-1095154-duid-1536422 is the correct link, cut off in first post.
  15. Greetings: I was not aware of this coin until recently - but instantly intrigued with Alexander II producing this coin honoring Alexander I. If one were to do that, it seems an odd denomination for doing so. The bust appears to be the same as that on the Borodino roubles. Note: I like coins with images of Tsars, so this in particular caught my interest. Can anyone provide any thoughts or conjecture about the intentions with this coin? Best - Dwight
  16. Thanks. I just saw your post. This little coin is Uzd 4041 and is listed as being extremely rare. The metal is pretty flat, which does not really show in photos. I have tried to see a link to the other Alexanders but see nothing there that would be an occasion for 1871. Thanks.
  17. That is the coin, thanks. There are like three varieties in Bitkin but i have not had the patience to try to discern the difference. All are R1 or greater. Again, thanks.
  18. DAJ


    Greetings - I see coins for sale for the Hesselgesser collection. Does anyone know about this guy and his collection or have any direct experience. I have seen some novodels from that collection posted at a very high price. Thoughts or observations welcome. Best and thanks. Dwight
  19. DAJ


    Ho. Thanks for the responses and pardon my late response. I have been away.. There is a 1757 Hesselgesser kopeck on Ebay now going for $1050. I guess the Hesselgesser label enhances the pedigree of the coin along with other factors. Perhaps I am missing something but it seems odd that novodels are included in coin reference catalogs. I think I own the cSuperior catalog referenced above. Thanks for that link. Best. Dwight
  20. DAJ

    Numismatic Literature

    I really like Fenzi-Diakov i got from you - and the other books too. Thanks much, Steve. Dwight
  21. Hi - I have this coin but find it hard to identify it in Bitkin. Photos from Zander are attached that are perfect matches to the coin. But the closest match we find in Bitkin is 1354 and this comes from a top expert. The Bitkin portrait image is what is hard to discern, at least for me. The features of 1354 seem to angular and sharp with the hair too close to the legend. I am not sure the curls of the hair by the face match either. If this is not a match, 1354 is unquestionably the closest match. Thoughts welcome. Best - Dwight
  22. Excellent coin. Good for you. Very rare to see these in such excellent condition. Thanks.
  23. Thanks. And that is a nice avatar...
  24. How about that! Thanks very much! Glad you returned to your coin books. I just could not see it. A frustrated inquiring mind.
  25. Disappointing though. Again, we have this Sun rouble listed at the link at Bitkin 1350, (R-R2). That sounds desireable. But it is only (S) in Severin and not in Bitkin at all. I have looked at some coins with a different light now, in particular with some Sincona auction listings upcoming, and begin to doubt the logic of pricing - there or anywhere. It is very labor intensive to research from the images. Again, thanks.