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  1. Today I bought what I call a small "Challenge Coin" at Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA. It is a USS Massachusetts Challenge Coin in my opinion, but the price tag says BB-59 Pocket Coin. Just thought it was interesting to mention since the label says "Pocket Coin".
  2. http://ChallengeCoinAssociation.org/ChallengeCoinVideo.jpg
  3. You could probably get a Challenge Coin style of coin for $3-$5 each for 100 or more, if you are still looking to do this. Jesse http://ChallengeCoinAssociation.org
  4. I carry two in my wallet. This one is my favorite. It is a Challenge Coin from the 102nd Field Artillery, the unit I went to Iraq with. It is 2 inches and 54 grams. The other one from the 793rd MP Battalion is almost as big as this one. Jesse http://ChallengeCoinAssociation.org
  5. About 6 weeks ago I was at a National Guard school in Little Rock. My family came and visited, so in the interest of being tourists, we visited the Clinton Library. His Challenge Coin display is in his Oval Office exhibit. My wife snapped a picture of it and got lectured by security because of the flash. All that, and the photo didn't turn out. Jesse http://ChallengeCoinAssociation.org
  6. Yes, I once saw a photo of him with his display case behind him. He even had his own Presidential Coin that he handed out to people. It can be found on eBay from time to time. I believe one of the Challenge Coin Association members has one.Jessehttp://ChallengeCoinAssociation.org
  7. Hello, I see this original post was made from Mortaritaville about the same time I was in the area. Anyway, I thought I would just chime in with a link to my website, since it is on topic. Not many coin communities talk about our favorite type of coin. It would be nice to get this thread going.Challenge Coin Association
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