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  1. From comparing it to a certified one on ebay, it appears to be a normal 18-d. On the over date, the insides of the 8 are somewhat diagonal from each other instead of straight up and down. The auction isn't mine, but I thought I would include the link so you can see what I am talking about. 1918-d/7 On another note, many times has my heart went boom boom thinking that I had a SWEET thing, and it turned out later to only be the normal coin. So, I laugh not at you, but with you.
  2. After looking at the pics, it would appear to be a mechanical doubling effect. ie Strike doubling as well. The doubling looks very shelf like, and I couldn't see a split at the tip of the horn. But then again, without seeing the coin in person, I can only guess at it. You might try adding an outside light source to bring out a little more light. I use a swing arm lamp myself. Helps out a ton!
  3. I'm breaking my long summer silence by saying..... "Count me in as well please." I love WWII Era German coinage. Not because of the Nazi symbol, but because my grand-father was in WWII. He was 101st airbourne. Not sure if he was one of the first to drop in behind enemy lines or if he was brought in later. But, all I know is that he was in the European conflict and met my grandmother in France. Also, a note for those not into errors/varieties, Nazi coinage is plagued by doubled dies. So much for the "master race" being perfect huh? (grin) [No insult to the germanic readers meant]. Chuck aka dacoinman
  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......... Um....uh, no, send it to me for verification.....LOL 5 Pennia huh? Talk about totally off the wall there....LOL Ya know, I would have expected to see maybe tooled from an indian cent, but Finnish? LOL Too funny!
  5. It'll never dry. It is oil based. You have to pat the coin dry. If you want to experiment and do it cheaply, get a few rolls from the bank, pull the 60s and 70s cents out and experiment with them. You might also look into trying virgin olive oil. It can also help remove caked on natural dirt and deposits. Works nice on Zinc coins too. Hey I know I'll probably get yelled at for saying all that, but hey, if you can't read the date or legends of a coin from a dealers foreign coin junk box, you gotta do what ya gotta do without totally ruining the coin.
  6. Oh just a quick question for ya Bill. How many 1963-P Lincoln Cent Doubled Die #1 (CONECA DDO-001) have you ran across? I just found one recently here, and CONECA Master Listing puts the pop at 1. Which sounds odd to me, especially for 1963. If you need a reference shot I'll get one posted sometime soon on my website, or you can look at some of my closed auctions on ebay (dacoinman there too). Thanks
  7. Addendum: #1 I appologize if I seemed cocky or rude. Never is my intention. But since I primarily post from work time is short, and I may cut to the quick a little too quick. LOL #2 doubled eye lids on lincolns....Oh yeah MANY MANY MANY of those for just about most if not all years. I currently have 2 56-D doubled eyelids that I am uncertain if they are listed or not, and several 42-P doubled eyelids (still ain't found the Cherry Pickers variety though....dang it). LOL And finally #3. Maybe those of us in the know should post what referrences that we use. And possibly give a reason why we use that particular referrence, and any cons about it that we see. This would help those of us that do have extensive libraries on trying to figure out what new material to acquire. AQnd it will also help those new to the scene acquire the best/better referrences out there without wasting money on those referrences that aren't worth it. Granted this should be in a new topic of it's own though.....I would do it, but as soon as I get home, I have to update my want lists, cherrying lists, price lists for various "sleeper" varieties, etc....got 3 shows in 2 months, and a week to prep for the first show.....(I don't set up, but I cherry the floor. ) TTYallL, and I appologize if I seemed the least bit out of place in any of my statements towards you Bill. P.S. - Still waiting on that close up of the eye lid. LOL haha
  8. Whoah now, ease up.......LOL You're mmaking me blush. LOL Too many compliments. LOL Anyways, I tip my hat to you sir! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have in our mix a PUBLISHED author!!! (Some others here may be published too, but not to my knowledge yet, lol, so insult meant to those that I do not know about). I have followed the columns (SP? it's been a long day at work, bear with the mis-spellings today, LOL) since the first one! I get hand me downs of coin world from a dear friend of mine, and he always noteates on the cover any variety columns and or The Found in Rolls Columns. Excellent reading! And now to toot my own horn... The coins Chuck has found in Rolls: 1944-D/s OMM#2 / WOMM-002 various 1970(PDS) MHDDO (cross bar sevens) A few buffs About $23.00 in wheats from a $25.00 box from the bank (in one box mind you) A couple Silver Roosevelts Several 40% silver halves and a couple 90% ones. (Haven't found a Franklin yet though) And the piece de resistance...................Drum roll please............ 1909-S VDB (AG3/partial porous) But as I have said in here before though, a dealers junk box is where I swoop in for the kill, and maybe one of these days, I'll compile a list of that...... And gimme a shout e-mail or what not......I got some 89-D RPMs that I need some verification on. Not listed in Wiles' compiliations, and since Wexler has yet to publish his version of the same thing, I am not sure if he has it either.
  9. Are you the very same gentleman that writes a colum for coin world or NCADD? Also, I wish to make a note here. I have searched more rolls than can be counted, and I have yet to find any of the 72p or 72d doubled dies. They may be listed as common, but they are not as common as some would have us believe. I have found though my fair share plus of the 44d omm#2 in wheat bags and the like. But, back to the original topic here. This is a quote from the original poster... "Machine doubling of 1925 and LIBERTY. Secondary eyelidcaused during hubbing of die." You may have read it too quickly. It does designate machine and hub doubling. Chuck may slab his own coins, not something I would recommend, but that's his call. As for me, I have grown tired of the war between CONECA & Wexler, and now the 2 new upstarts so to speak, are Chuck Daughtery and Brian Ribar (I think). Well, with this many different numbering systems, who can keep up? It sickens me to see that many different reference # systems. So, I do not send coins in for attribution. But I have listed unknown doubled dies on eBay, and I state that I know it is a doubled die, I also include 15x and 30x shots of the variety. But I refuse to succumb into the game of "well it isn't a doubled die unless so-and-so says it is". I do hope that the 25p DDO that this gentleman has is a true DDO. That is why I really want to see a nice close up of the eyelid to make my own determination. But all in all, Chuck Daughtery is a VERY knowledgeable person. Check into one of his books at your next coin show. You'll see what I mean.
  10. Not entirely true. There is an example of this creature. If I am not mistaken, it was also featured in coin world a couple years ago. From the way it is written, I do not think that this is a scam. Also, about that time frame that this was discovered, I think the state of California had a couple bank boxes that they were selling the contents of. The state called in the Secret Service to investigate and verify that 2 coins that they found in one of the boxes were legitamate. One was a double reverse dime and the other was a double reverse quarter. The design diagnostics put the 2 coins in the 1965 date range. And after considerable studying, the Secrett Service authenticated the 2 coins. So, it is not impossible for freaks of nature in the coin world. LOL I wonder though just how many true mules there are? I mean the average joe blow if he notices a weirdness on a coin, will toss it in a junk box and forget about it. In other words, how many more 1999 Cent/Dime mules are there? As to date that is the only one that I am aware of existing. But, all in all, I believe the auction to be true. Mainly because the dealer states that arrangements will be made to guarantee the safety and proper completion of the auction. Which usually on coins of this calliber, sounds like the dealer may be willing to fly to various places. On another note, those 2 double reverses were sold on consignment if I recall through Fred Wineberg(SP?). If you want to see some amazing ERRORs look his site up on google. And if my memory serves me correct, he was the seller or the middle man for ALL 15 known quarter/dollar mules a few years ago.
  11. I wanna see a close up of the eye lid though!!! LOL
  12. Bill, very nice and informative write up. But, before you can state that "1DO" is meaningless. I suggest that you do take a look on coppercoins.com. Charles Daughtery is a very well know person in the error/variety world. His website is very well run too I must admit. I mean, where else on the web can you find diagnostic shots of various RPMs and DD's for free? Hell the only comprehensive study ever written was thew one Wexler wrote about wheat cents way back in the day. I thought that the comprehensive study to lincoln cents would show ALL doubled dies, but it doesn't. Atleast though, Mr. Daughtery is trying to make this stuff available to the general public. The only area that I have issue with is the pricing is off.....usually way low compared tothe market. For instance though, you state that you wouldn't give much credit/value to the classification of 1972d-1DO-001 But if you look at the corisponding pics, you will see that it is in fact a true doubled die. As far as I know and have surfed Charles site, I have yet to see an example of Strike Doubling listed. But here's that link to the 1972d-1DO-001Charles Daughtery's website
  13. I believe the "conditioner" to which you refer to is called... "Blue Ribbon Coin Conditioner".
  14. 1890-CC is a top 100 VAM! I can't find my pricing info, but that is a sweet score reguardless!!!
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