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  2. Interesting token, never seen a combo car wash/pet wash one before, a couple months ago we had a guy fined and jail time for using the car wash on his two pit bulls
  3. R-1410a 1899 Biasca, 40mm, AR PCGS SP64 R-320a 1929 Biel, 50mm, AE PCGS SP63 R-1890Aa 1947 Uster, 40mm, AE silvered PCGS SP65
  4. R-1023b 1861 Stans, 41mm, AE PCGS SP64 R-901a 1925 Weggis, 30mm, AE silvered PCGS SP64
  5. Wanted to share some of the medals I just got back from PCGS: R-889a 1914 Luzern, 30mm, AR PCGS SP67
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  8. sold it some years ago as i have a India error coin anyways saw no need in having two
  9. 4 more days before this auction ends get those bids in now before this nice auction closes
  10. Here is the Las Vegas version of the Monte Carlo casino, slot token To complement the real casino's slot token from the previous post
  11. Normally, I'd browse but I'm taking a month without pay (paternity leave in America...) so I'm not going to tempt myself by looking!
  12. I believe it is a generic stock version of the Alcoholics Anonymous Tokens In the tokens and medals bookbn they have listed that some have chapter and town and some don't have any indication that it is an AA token in case it was noticed by some one and the party doesn't want it know. I know that I don't have any with chapter or town on them. The camel I think is a attempt at "dry" humor 🙀
  13. Ha! After all my years of reading every article I see about pocket rarities, I had no idea about the 1982 D bronzes!
  14. Hi Lynn, Sorry for your loss and welcome to the forum. We have a bunch of collectors of British coins here who might be able to help.
  15. Hi there, we would like to introduce our brand new banknote shop. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know. Thanks ! Colnumis team.
  16. Historic Coinage's summer list is now out with a whole range of hammered and milled silver coins available: http://www.historiccoinage.com/newadditions.php
  17. I have a silver medal engraved by Holy Freres.
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  19. So far as I know only two 1982Dsmall date bronze cents have been verified. so they do exist.
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