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  2. Historic Coinage's summer list is now out with a whole range of hammered and milled silver coins available: http://www.historiccoinage.com/newadditions.php
  3. I have a silver medal engraved by Holy Freres.
  4. So far as I know only two 1982Dsmall date bronze cents have been verified. so they do exist.
  5. Last week
  6. I wonder if anyone can help me. Due to a bereavement I have inherited some old coins and I’ve been able to get information on them all apart from this one. It’s a 1916 One Penny but the pattern round the coin is different and so is the rim. I have no idea who to ask so I was hoping someone can help me. Thank you Lynn Wilson
  7. I have a US 1 dollar coin. It is Stamped 1804. I'm just wondering how I find someone to tell me what it's worth if anything?
  8. Here is a souvenir poker chip from the world poker tour same both sides
  9. Are repunched coins/error coins generally more valuable?
  10. Hi KayCee046! And Hello to Melbourne (I'm California and Colorado), I too hope the original post writer checks in one day. I would love to know more about your coin! Is it Napoleon III? Apparently you have the only other one with a portrait still in it. Might it be of Queen Victoria, or of Maria Theresa of Austria? I wish you would post a photo. I've been checking back here occasionally since my post above...I'll check again sometime soon... Tom
  11. ok we have a bid of $5.00 on this nice auction anymore bids❓
  12. no idea but i have seen different types of bullion from the Perth mint with animals on them
  13. Ok we have a bid of $1.00 on this auction anymore bids?
  14. Opening Bid:$0.01 BIN:$ 37.00 FREE SHIPPING 1972-S PCGS PR9DCAM silver Ike dollar ND Brazil 1000 Cruzeiro Banknote ND Cambodia 500 Riels Banknote ND Cambodia 1000 Riels Banknote ND Iraq 5 Dinar Banknote ND Brazil 1 Cruzeiro Banknote 1987 Peru 10 Intis Banknote 1905 US Liberty nickel 1952d US Wheat Penny 1944 French 5 franc banknote 1957 Iceland 10 Kronur Banknote 1938 Netherland 1 Gulden banknote 1951 Bulgaria 50 Leve Banknote PIC OF THE 1905 US LIBERTY NICKEL
  15. The Perth mint strikes zodiac-themed bullion yearly doesn't it? Pretty sure i've seen several other animals featured
  16. well two things could be a grease filled die or worn badly either way not much in value
  17. doubt it i used to have one like that something to do with the minting process
  18. Here is one from that far off gambling exotic spot.
  19. no clue on that just looked like a very interesting coin so i got it
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