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  2. Maybe someone silvered it as a science experiment
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  4. Is it plated by any chance? It's hard to tell with the weight as modern coins have very large weight tolerance - the quality control these days are no longer there compared to precious metals.
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  6. I think I have one of the 2008-D penny errors
  7. I'd send it into a grading company or have a coin expert look at it in person and they could tell you what is it cause two things pop into mind post mint damage or mint error and to figure out which one it really is a coin expert will need to see the coin
  8. just letting people know that my World Banknote and coin auction is going on till 4/28/19 so take a look in the auction forum and if interested bid thanks Corina
  9. OK THIS AUCTION IS FOR 4 UNGRADED WORLD BANKNOTES AND A UNGRADED US COIN Opening bid: $0.50 BIN: $ 9.50 FREE SHIPPING 1956d US wheat Penny 1916 Austria 1 Korona (banknote) 2010 India 5 Rupees (banknote) 2005 Mongolia 10 Tugrik (Banknote) 1997 Uzbekistan 200 sum (banknote) I take Cash and checks Photos taken with a webcam Photo of the 2017 India 5 Rupees
  10. Welcome Swedishcopper. Interesting to learn these are hunted for by Russian and Swedish specialists. Of course! I would think the Avesta 5 kopeck is another coin of interest to you! I picked this 1k up on ebay long ago for a bargain.
  11. Corina


    could be lead or some sort of alloy, also depends on when the coin was made
  12. my advice is to send it into a grading company and see what they say
  13. the sales and auction sections need a bit of cleanup whenever you all can
  14. I wonder if the copper blank is missing or undersized?
  15. extant4cell has an example of 2 kopek overstruck over 2 ore. This is actually very difficult to find. I am still hunting for an example. Have to hunt my 1 kopek over 1 ore example.
  16. Hi and welcome here. Can you show us your coin? Sigi .
  17. Hello everyone! Very interesting coins, nice to see pictures of your specimens. Also I have one in my collection, 1757 struck over a 1 öre sm 1731. My specialist area is Swedish copper and just recently discovered these coins. I've noticed that in Brekke (1977) there is a 2 kopek struck at a Swedish coin, though not mentioned what type of coin. Closest to hand to assume because of the 1 öre sm it might be a 2 öre sm, though their weight is 28,3g, maybe also they were cut down. Does anybody know anything about that?
  18. Having been a caver in my younger more flexible days, and having did all of the cave tours own our honeymoon. Including the 8 hour wild cave tour, the general public seldom seen parts of the cave. The wife and I were delighted that this medal showed up in the last bulk buy.
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