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  2. On Elizabeth's coins the crown over the cipher is decorated with clovers, sometimes with 3, sometimes with 5. How many had there really been??? On the 1759 five kopek both variants occur: But which was the correct design - how many clovers had been on the real crown - 3 or 5 ???? See below. .
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  4. This one struck for `La Maritime' sometime between 1870 and 1880
  5. Parents moved there in the early 70's

    The 3.8 Gram 1982 Lincoln Cent

    This 82 Denver Mint penny is a Large Date variety but yet weighs 3.8 as opposed to the 3.1 and 2.5 that those pennys should weigh. The 82 small date auctioned for 18K, that one weighed in at 3.8. Has anyone come across any 3.8 Gram pennys of the 82 variety? I realize there's an acceptable weight deviation bit this is not A scale error as I weighed it multiple times along with my 3.1 Gram cents and always comes out the same...
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  8. Ian

    Lundy Island

    Just a bit of lightheartedness and to show one of my favourite pieces....a Lundy `Puffin'. Not strictly speaking a `coin of the realm' though
  9. Silver Tetradrachm (15.54 gms) struck for Ptolemy I (Soter) as Satrap of Egypt circa 310 /305 BC. The scan below doesn't do the coin much justice but its as good as I can get it. Obverse has bust of Alexander the Great wearing elephant headdress. A very cleanly struck neat `omega' character countermark has been added to the right of Alexander's chin at some point in antiquity. Reverse shows Athena walking to right sporting a spear and shield with an eagle in the lower right field. There are three monograms. one in the left field and two in the right. Sadly, I have no idea what these are in terms of their significance. The reference I have been given is Copenhagen 18. The closest i've seen to this is on Wildwinds as Copenhagen 18 variant, but their one only has the one monogram. Any information would be gratefully received
  10. an early (and scarce) one from the reign of Louis XV struck for the `assureurs generales' syndicate based in Paris in 1754 This one was struck a few years earlier (1742) for the maritime assureurs of Rouen

    Crazy Messed Up Dime

    Lemme dig out my real camera ACS take some better ones

    Crazy Messed Up Dime

  13. Here is a two fer interesting one, first is the shape and secondly it is a good luck piece from a company that I haven't seen before pre WWII [/url] [/url]
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  15. Banknotesfanatic

    My coin auctions

    I am no expert when it comes to coins, but here are few of my listings over on my site, if anyone's interested... http://www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100165 http://www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100219 http://www.net-steals.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=100218 There will be more listed soon... and you are more than welcome to list your own there... Thank You.
  16. This one doesn't come on the market very often `les Deux Poles'. The strike is very three dimensional and the engraving of the sterns of the two ships is quite detailed.
  17. Times have changed here is an item that was given to mothers of soldiers that served in the great war in 1919 they were given in cities and towns across the US. The bar with the star would indicate how many sons they had in the war, some have a gols star applied over the star on the bar. Indicating the son died in service. and on the reverse it listed the town. Also a registration number
  18. Brand new to all this. Found this penny today and ????
  19. The images produced by the scanner are.....well keeping from using anglo-saxon.....let's just say `pretty poor'. The jetons are generally quite lustrous, but this isn't picked up by the scanner, and it does not deliver any depth at all. Sadly, I don't have the time /energy for real photography but may end up digging my camera out and getting some practice in!
  20. Corina

    Crazy Messed Up Dime

    the photos are not that good so it's hard to tell what you are talking about
  21. Corina

    7 day auction #4

    Ok we have a bid of $10 on this nice auction anymore bids on this nice auction
  22. Art1.2

    7 day auction #4

    10$ — nice auction Colin.
  23. Here is the other fire damaged one Grand Army of the Republic delegate token 1894
  24. Having had an interest in fur trade/mountain man muzzle loading reenactment group when younger. I don't care about the fire damage.

    Help With Coin Please

    I'll get some better ones tonight... Thanx
  26. thedeadpoint

    Doubled die vs double strike

    I appreciate the thorough response and I expected that analogy. I wish I were still in college where I had access to an electron microscope; I could pop a coin inside and zoom in nice and close on the raised lettering. In reality, it's probably a mixture of both. The harder, more abrasive environments of streets, vending machines, and dirty pockets make more scientific sense to me. However, I have been pulling some late nights for work this week and am not thinking as clearly as I prefer!

    Is it just me Or...

    or I was just trying to make any comment about you stare at it long enough you want to think it looks like what you wanted to look like even though you know it's not

    Is it just me Or...

    It is for sure large date but what I'm saying though is it does have some curvature to its almost makes it look like a small and the more I stare at the more it looks like the small one instead of the the large I was just wondering if anyone else thought it did have a little bit of curve to it you can have as obviously a large but not as obvious as some of the other ones I posted
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