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  2. As well as any artist is good at making the master for the machine to cut the dies. Problem With theses are some of the dies look to be way over used, well past their prime.
  3. New member

    Welcome! What type of medallion is it?
  4. US MInts Presidental medals

    How accurate of a depiction of the presidents do you think these are?
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  7. Very sorry. I think after such cases, many people stop believing in luck.
  8. Denomination of old roman coins.

    Thanks for the useful information! This saves a lot of time for me.
  9. New member

    Hi. Just wanted to find out where in this forum to post a medallion for identification. Thanks!
  10. Exclusive commemorative historical coin "One ruble of Grodno" Twelfth release - One ruble of Grodno. Minted to 890 anniversary of the first historical mention of Grodno. The date of release: November 2017. Size: 25 * 2 mm Material: brass Weight ~ 8 gr It was edited only 100 coins. The second edition is not planned. "One ruble of Grodno" is a souvenir and is not a instrument of payment.
  11. Exclusive commemorative coin «One ruble of Borisov». The 11th Project Release "113 towns" Belarus. It was minted in August 2017 for the anniversary of Borisov. Obverse of the coin: - The coat of arms of the city since June 14, 1792. Obtained from the last King of the Polish and Grand Duke of Lithuania, Stanislaw August Poniatowski. - "1102" - the date of the first historical mention of Borisov. - Borisov - is the name of the city. - A monument to the founder of the city, Prince Boris. - Borisov Resurrection Cathedral. - The nominal value of the coin is "One ruble of Borisov". Coin reverse: - Schematic map of the Republic of Belarus with the borders of the regions. - One of the symbols of Belarus is the stork. - The year of coinage is "2017". - Inscription in Belarusian language "The Republic of Belarus". Release date: August 2017. Size: 25 * 2mm. Edge: Ribbed. Material: brass. Coin weight: ~ 8 gr. Circulation: 100 copies Packing - Plastic Capsule. Re-release: Excluded. Not a Payment Instrument.
  12. Yes some are really nice, and on some they used whatever was handy!
  13. Coin and Banknote Auction #6

    ok we have a bid of $10 on this auction anymore bids on this nice auction ?
  14. Hello CoinPeople! New Member From TN

    Welcome, Ike! We look forward to learning with you!
  15. "Nightmares of the Fall" Silver Rounds

    Those are some really cool medals!
  16. US MInts Presidental medals

    I really like that reverse
  17. 1982 D penny worth

    Actually, it is a bit special. Very good eyes! 1982 is an important year for Lincoln cents for two reasons. The big reason is that's the year when they switched from copper coins to copper-clad zinc. I don't know the proportion, but it's about half and half. Folks who are after the copper melt value of cents hoard anything before 1982. The other reason 1982 is significant is because there are two date sizes. It looks like you have a large date. Check out this site for more information: https://www.cointalk.com/threads/a-guide-to-1982-lincoln-cent-identification.55647/
  18. 1891 Seated Liberty Dime added to my 7070

    A beauty! How is she in hand?
  19. South African Crown size 5 Rand

    Beautiful coin.
  20. Welcome. I hope you enjoy it here. I too remember spending Ikes. I still have a few in my collection and think they're rather neat.
  21. "Nightmares of the Fall" Silver Rounds

    Welcome to CoinPeople.
  22. Hello and welcome. I hope that you enjoy being here. We have a great bunch of folks.
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