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  2. Chinese poem coins (1661 - 1722)

    Cool fact about the coins! Thank you!
  3. Yesterday
  4. An interesting one for two things, Solid brass limited edition and it is for $5.00
  5. Chinese poem coins (1661 - 1722)

    Very nice! I've never gotten around to getting the Tai and the Nan. I should do that one of these days.
  6. 1836 Genuine or not

    Not genuine.
  7. Last week
  8. 1836 Genuine or not

    It's fake. Among other things it should have reeded edge. Also only 200 were made. They all are accounted for.
  9. 1836 Genuine or not

    Could the community chime in and let me know if this is genuine or not. This recently came across my desk along with a bunch of not so rare bunch of Russian silver from various years as well as coins made into jewelry and spoons.
  10. Maria Theresa Thaler.

    Well i got my first MTT some days ago and it is a a beautiful piece of art. I love it. I have made some research with the page mentioned above and some other and was able to determinate approximately when and where it was minted (as much as that can be done about re-strikes). It is such a reach subject that I'm thinking about starting a collection of MTT re-strikes. I just love this coin.
  11. 1810 copper 2 kopeks EM HM "Chicken type"

    Isn't it 1811 date? .
  12. 1810 copper 2 kopeks EM HM "Chicken type"

    Sigi, I believe 1810 SPB 2 kopek is actually not too common. In fact I have been looking for it for a while (passively) and it has somehow managed to escaped my hands. Understandably it is in low grade but I'm certain I'm happy to pay more than 10 dollars for it. Another underrated 2 kopek is the 1830 EM 2 kopek which I am still on the look out.
  13. UK Retained rim cud

    Bump for the UK folks
  14. St. Patty's day throws

    Half/Fast Walking Club!
  15. Another slabbed coin for my collection

    Beautiful! My favorite series!
  16. Peace Dollar Fillers

    Jealous! It's my favorite!
  17. Another new coin for collection

    it was already slabbed when i bought it
  18. Another new coin for collection

    Corina, Did you buy it slabbed or have it slabbed after purchase ????
  19. Another slabbed coin for my collection

    Looks very Nice !
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