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China Manchukuo 5 fen coin - a new variety?

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gxseries    0

Been quiet for a while and I've sorted some coins in my collection. Manchukuo coins have been somewhat underrated and prices have been steadily on the rise. Thankfully I've completed the set a while back but it still doesn't stop me from looking out for something interesting or different.

Krause mentions that there is a variety for the 5 fen coin. I was skeptical until I went through a fair number of them to find it.

This is a normal 5 fen coin of the same year (1936 5 fen)


The next one is described as a wide rim - which should look quite obvious


Now I would like to present a normal 1933 5 fen. (This is somewhat very underrated)


And this is one that I found recently.


If you look at the reverse, it seems that the rims are a lot narrower to any of the examples shown earlier. I personally think this is a new variety however have not seen any other examples yet.

What do you think?


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Art1.2    0

Looks like a much narrower rim. Variety....good question and well worth the investigative effort.

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