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  3. The expense in making dies is one of the factors that cause minimum order quantities. You may just want to try a local jeweler who has a good rep for engraving. I have seen and held several dollar sized silver coins that were stripped clean of design on one side and re-engraved. I’m sure the same could be done with gold.
  4. Great collection of elongates. I really like these.
  5. hard to tell with the scans, makes the coins look washed out
  6. One of the Bi-monthly freebies for the membership of TEC
  7. Please check it out on the scans and let me knows of what you think later there
  8. Please check it out on the scans and let me knows of what you think later there
  9. Last week
  10. welcome to coinpeople, , seems most places deal in bulk orders on such things to make some profit, , maybe online would be the best bet i guess
  11. Hello- I am wondering if anyone can help. I am looking to get a single coin (or 2) to commemorate a 10 yr anniversary for an employee at our small business. We would like to get an estimate on this in gold or silver. We would like it to have some value. Is this even possible? We would like to possibly get our logo, core values, 10 yrs, etc on it. Anyone have any ideas? When checking online every place I saw had a minimum or of 100 or more coins. That's not what we would like. Your help would be greatly appreciated. ~ Jeniffer
  12. You never know what will turn up in a bulk buy. Not having payed much attention to politics of my state Mich in the 70's let alone others, I didn't know his wife was also governor.
  13. best advice is to send it to a expert and have them look it over that way you have a expert opinion on this coin
  14. An oldie but a goodie, climb into yout way back machine.
  15. I wonder if someone can help me. My first post here. I have a Hong Kong 1902 10 Cent coin which i believe is silver. While looking up some information on it i found Queen Victoria was only on coins up to 1901. King Edward VIIis from 1902 - 1905. Have i got a rarity here? I'd appreciate anyone's expertise in looking at this. I hope the image is clear enough.
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  17. need a up close of the coin and a clearer photo
  18. Hi all I have found this unusual new £1 coin. It is different color. Seems for me or different metal usued or is before they put a color on. Does anyone knows what is it worth or where I could get valuation on it? Thanks
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