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  3. NOTICE: WILL NOT SHIP OVERSEAS (VIRUS ISSUE) Opening Bid: $0.01 BIN: $10.00 I take Cash, checks and Money orders -------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 US pennies ( have 3) 1941s US Nickel 1943D US silver war nickel 1929s US Buffalo Nickel 2011 Philippine 10 Bi-metallic piso 2015 Hong Kong 50 cent Pic of the 1943D US War Silver Nickel
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  5. hello! URGENT ISO as many 2020 pennies as possible! Or any solid leads... I've been buying small amounts from Ebay and the bank when I can but I need a bunch more pennies for a public art project I'm a part of. All pennies will be used to buy food or given away as donations! If you have any amount of pennies to sell... comment here or shoot me an email at mintcoincollector1@gmail.com 😄
  6. Hi there. The farthing or "oortjie" is my favourite coin. The sparrows sits on a Sweet Thorn Tree (Acacia Karroo). The sparrows refers to Mat 10:29. The verse is significant for the women and children that was in the Bethulie concentration camp during the Anglo Boer war 1899-1902. To my knowledge, the SA farthing is the only coin the world that refers to a verse in the Bible.
  7. Silver 1946 nickels do exits but not with the S mintmark above the Monticello.
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  9. Back in 1998 I like so many started saving the Statehood quarters. I purchased the Dansco P&D album and pulled nice quarters from circulation. I could always count on finding the new issues a few weeks after they came out and traded some P's for D's with some fellow Coinpeople. When the series neared its completion they decided to add on the 6 territories. That's when the "Problem" started. The coins stopped showing up in circulation. I've seen several reasons given for this. 2009 wasn't a good year for the mint. Mintages were way down. they spent a lot of time with the different Lincoln cents and due to the recession and glut of Statehood quarters the banks were not calling out the new coins. Whatever the reason I only have 3 of the 12 Territorial quarters pulled from circulation. (I did purchase a mint set for 2009 so I do have them just not the nice coins from circulation). It didn't stop there." America the Beautiful" series started but the coins never made it here. I have 1 of the 10 2010's. Four 2011'S and four 2012's. it wasn't til 2013 that they showed up with any consistancy (I have all ten) Since then I have found almost all the Philly versions of the coins (29 of 33) and a Few Denver versions(10 of 33). The series comes to an end the first quarter of next year. So whats next? A bill calling for another state series has expired and though there are several more up for consideration(Famous women being one), it looks like we will get a new reverse at least for the final 3 quarters of 2021. I for one hope the mint gives the quarter a rest. I'm sure there will be a new design foe 2026 and our nations 250th birthday. I hope we stick with "Crossing the Delaware" until then and consider a new "series" after that. thoughts?
  10. Hello, This is my first post. I came across a Eisenhower Copper Bicentennial Dollar Coin. When I examined it there seems to be a mint mark but it's located under the bust but to the far Right, not closer to the left as it is seen in photos of the coin. Is this an error? I'm including a picture. It was part of a bag of 40 Eisenhower Dollar Coins I found while cleaning out my parents home.
  11. Sorry. I don't see anything. The 1970S DDO has very clear doubling in the "LIBERTY" and "IN GOD WE TRUST".
  12. Hello. I'm looking for collectors who have a genuine white banknotes from 1932 to 1939 in collections. If it's not a problem, I would like to have scans of a few banknotes in a great resolution. Thank you.
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