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  4. Just letting people know of my new Auction Format It will be called Corina auction Lot Still will have great Items at Low BINS and Free shipping on all items sold The Silver Panda Auction will keep going As is (the coin is comming back) So Check my New Auctions out and If Interested Bid and thanks for looking
  5. It sounds like you are looking more for a book on Roman history than Roman coins. Many Roman coin books do include a lot of history, but most are primarily a catalog. The list of Roman history books is nearly endless. For coin books, most that include a lot of history and background cover only a period of history and you have to buy many volumes to cover the entire series. It sounds like you and I have a similar perspective. What I enjoy about ancient coins is researching them and I don't mean just the coin itself. I will frequently start with the coin and then search for information on the year the coin was struck, or the person depicted, or the god or goddess depicted. I do much of this research online, using just Google. There is much research, including scans of entire books and links to many more on NumisWiki.
  6. Here is a wooden dollar from a swap the information on the reverse is obsolete, do not use
  7. Another key tag return, this one for a blood bank gallon club.
  8. Hello. Here is my latest banknote price-list. While I am not a big dealer, but rather, a family owned small business, so I won't have as big as list as some of the big Dealers, these are what I have in stock, and while my prices may not be that competitive, if you order from me, I can promise that you will get the service you seek and then some... I own about 3-4 year old banknote online store at http://www.banknotes-fanatics.com which I have posted about a while back, but that site is currently having some issues, and won't be able to take any orders, but you can still browse my list I am attaching and place order manually. I also run a FREE, E-bay like auction site, and I have listed a few percentage of the notes I have in stock there as well, so you may want to check it out as well... Let me know if you are interested. I will be adding more and more notes as I get them to my price-list, my auction site, and once my banknote site gets back on-line in full swing, but the offer you see on the offline price-list here I am attaching will just stay as offline, for a limited time, and until the site gets back online, so don't miss this deal... Thank You. Banknote-Fanatic-Pricelist-061919.txt
  9. 2015 china silver 10 yuan panda is just seen as bullion to investors size-40mm (1.57 inches) has 31.1035 g of silver in them are these coin used as currency? no they are not legal tender just made for collectors and investors only and oh we have a bid of $4.00 on this nice auction anymore bids?
  10. I’m not really familiar with these coins. Are they basically silver bullion? Size of silver dollar? Half dollar? Are they used as currency? Opening bid: $4.00
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  12. Can someone please tell me if this is what I think it is? It weighs 3.13 g and looks different than all the other same date pennys I have. It may also be dbl die but not sure.
  13. Ok opening bid:$0.80 BIN: $40.00 SHIPPING IS FREE
  14. Johnv6791 sounds to me either struck though grease type of coin or Post mint damage
  15. Dwight, there is a nice book by Yury Petrunin - "Coins of Emperor Peter III. Monetary Iconography. Catalogue of Coins. Articles on Numismatics". Printed 300 copies in 2010 in Tallinn, Estonia. The catalog itself is pretty good but nothing exceptional (IMHO). The best part of the book is its historical articles. The worst part is that all of them are in Russian 🙂 Alex
  16. Here is an interesting tid bit from history on Chrysler's war effort of making 45 ammo Look at the rejection rate for the production! Cartridges made at the Evansville arsenal had seven parts, passed through 48 processing operations, and had to survive 334 quality control inspections. On June 30, 1942, the first bullets produced there were test fired. From June 1942 to April 20, 1944 when the contract ended, Chrysler’s Evansville arsenal produced 96 percent of the military’s .45 caliber cartridges: 3,264,281,914 rounds. Rejection rate of cartridges was less then .1 percent of production.
  17. hello and welcome
  18. Welcome norfolknchance!
  19. Some pics will help. You can also look at this site: http://www.coins-of-the-uk.co.uk/coins.html
  20. I have a 1964 nickel with full face and no back. Has the ridge on the back but nothing inside
  21. Ski and golf resort in Mich, ball marker
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