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  2. Arkadiusz

    French Excellence 2018 - Gold Kilo Coin

    very liimted gold with diamonds, all handmade
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  4. Now something completely different
  5. thedeadpoint

    French Excellence 2018 - Gold Kilo Coin

    A kilo of gold? Wow!
  6. thedeadpoint

    Elongated coins

    Oooh, I really like that!
  7. Last week
  8. extant4cell

    5 kop.1791 E:M:(Paul) - 2 different pairs of dies

    Please show if possible
  9. Somebody carried this around on a string..but still mostly intact old silver. Recent addition to my collection of Peter the Great tiny silver.
  10. I am contented that i own a fine example of a genuine cipher series 1796 10 kopeck. The catch is, Its cleverly disguised as a common 1793 EM 5 kopeck. πŸ˜‚
  11. Hi Josh, you are right. It's much better to spend for your son than for coins. Thinking back I do not have a good conscience....... Sigi
  12. Yes, lostdiamond, it took some enhancing of your last picture, but now it's clear. The "10" must be the 1762 "10" because in 1796 the "10" was not on the cipher side. Great coin indeed! 😳 Sigi
  13. This October marks the launch of the world’s first #RumCoin, which is enclosed with the oldest rum in the world – Harewood Rum 1780. Lux Coinand Mint of Poland have collaborated on this special project! The Rum Coinwill be presented on October 20 during #RumFest in London. what do you think ??? cheers Arkadiusz
  14. here is another Red Goose token, this one is made out of fiber.
  15. lostdiamond777

    5 kop.1791 E:M:(Paul) - 2 different pairs of dies

    I got one like that on 1793 EM overstrike (from 1762 10 kopecks and on and on..)😁
  16. Very clear! On your last image, at 12 oclock, above the 1791 eagle heads and crown, you can see the 10 from the previous 10K cipher undercoin, which is overstruck on the now hugely flatted crowns and wingtips of the previous 5K coin. It would be really fun if anyone could spot any traces of Peters 1762 10K!
  17. Cheers Sigi! Doing well here. I check in frequently, despite not actively hunting these days. My boy will be 10 next month! I havent had a spare dollar to buy anything, for oh, about 9 years. I do enjoy all the great topics, as they come up here. And a perpetual eye open for interesting overstrikes!
  18. Corina


    OK One more day before this auction closes , so get those bids in on this nice auction
  19. lostdiamond777

    5 kop.1791 E:M:(Paul) - 2 different pairs of dies

    Thank you, guys, I'm glad you liked them! Squirrel, nice of you to notice multiple traces from the previous coins, I wasn't sure if it was triple overstrike or double punch. Sigistenz, yes you are absolutely right, looks like a combination. Those coins was minted in Nizny Novgorod mint as I understand.
  20. Corina

    270 degree rotated 5 rupees coin

    a pic would help to see what you are talking about
  21. Hi Josh, nice to hear from you again. How are you? Nice coins coming your way? Happy hunting, Sigi
  22. Hi lostdiamond, and welcome here! Thank you for showing your nice coins. I compared them with what I showed. It seems to me that your 2nd coin is identical to my 2nd coin on both sides. Whereas your 1st coin looks like a combination of my 2nd cipher side and my 1st eagle side. That would make us deal with 3 different variants - what do you think? Sigi
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