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  3. Coins from the Hermitage Exhibit

    The following group of coins are all in platinum:
  4. Swiss Shooting Medals

    Thanks for the additional pictures. The medal was the one I thought it would be so my comments are correct. The Peter Weber medal is the more common one of the variants.
  5. Last week
  6. Hi everyone I have always had an interest in coins , lately ive been collecting 50p coins and 2pound coins so far ive got about 20 , the plan is to pass them onto my daughter when shes older am hoping they might be valuable by the time she grows up , is this something worth doing also i have just been given 5 tabacco tins of old coins with am going to look into and thought this website would be very handy with info etc hopefully i will enjoy this site and speaking to its members
  7. A Study In Modern Chop Marks

    Hi! I'm new here, and this is my first post. I hope it's okay to reply to an old thread? I found this thread on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/whatisthisthing/wiki/fat#wiki_chop_marks Anyway, I found a chop mark on my money. Where can I learn more about chop marks? https://justteejay.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/stamps-and-marks-on-money/
  8. The inscription is in Hebrew and it is the first amendment: thou shell have no other good but me. As for the figure i cant be sure but with that inscription it could indeed be Mosses, espcially since it is written that when he came down from the mountain his face glow and in Hebrew glow - KARAN - could also be interpenetrated as : was horned. Maybe that why he have here horn pictured on his head.
  9. And before any one not familiar with the American Indian symbol for good luck, before it was corrupted by the nazi's. Get their knickers in a knot. know that it was used up until the late 1930's on the stock reverses of good luck tokens.
  10. Wikipedia's Featured Article of the Day

    There's been a drought but... November 16, 2017 featured the Susan B. Anthony dollar! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_B._Anthony_dollar I rather like the coin. It is the youngest "obsolete" issue I learned about when I started collecting in the mid-90s.
  11. Coin Auction #4

    NOTICE: ALL COINS ARE RAW Opening bid:$0.10 BIN: $1.80 (Shipping Included) 2012 Philippine 1 Piso 2007 2 cent Euro 2017 Philippine 25 Sentimo 1997 UK 1 penny 1979 South Korea 100 won 1966 Swiss 20 Rappen Pic of the 2017 Philippine 1 piso coin
  12. Odd Nickel

    It what is called Post mint damaged coin, in other words someone messed with the coin after it left the mint, i have two pennies without any detail on them cause someone scratched them up
  13. Odd Nickel

    Just curious if anyone has seen a Nickel like this. I've never seen a coin with no detail on the face or the building. Any info would be much appreciated. TIA
  14. Tea Plantation pickers token
  15. Here are pictures of the back sides of the medals.
  16. Thanks for sharing about your local landmark. Very cool. I personally don't know how to solicit the RCM to make a commemorative coin. I'd start with the local media, a local coin club, and local politicians!
  17. What are these tokens

    As grivna1726 mentioned, PAK (Russian American Company) money were on parchment paper. No coins are known. There is a document from 1803 specifically calling for not having coins for PAK, since locals would most likely use them for other purposes than as money.
  18. What are these tokens

    Thank you. I am interested to know the result as well.
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